It’s Not About Chick-fil-A–It’s About You Standing For Christian Values

Many Christian leaders are urging Christians to support Chick-fil-A today. This has become a religiously political debate. Some will argue this action will only “fatten” the wallet of Chick-fil-A executive. While others will argue that Christian have drawn a line and are willing to fight back. I think it might be a bit of both. I won’t go into depth about those two sides.

I encourage you to do three (3) things. First, honestly assess your Christian Worldview. You need to know what your values are. Your values shouldn’t be conditional. Your values should align with the bible. That’s our standard. Non-believers do not dictate our standard. Are you accepting things that are aren’t Christ-like because a non-Christian says, “It’s the right thing to do?” Or are you accepting things because you know it falls in line with your religious beliefs? Or, are you afraid say something to your friend/family member because you don’t want to hurt their feelings and you don’t want to lose that relationship–despite the fact their values differs from your? Therefore you won’t say anything because you want to save your relationship with them? There is a difference. Where do you stand? Which lens are you looking through? Is it a Christian one or an unbeliever?

Second, stand for your Christian values. We have to make daily assessments on our lives. Either we are walking the walk or we aren’t. Here’s an example. If you are sleeping with someone that isn’t your spouse…it’s against Christian values. You can simply say, “Well, we’re almost married.” Or, “It’s like we’re married.” Being a part-time Christian is like being half pregnant. Either you are or you aren’t. Thankfully, God allows us to repent. Here’s another example. Typically, you rarely if ever speed. This morning, however you got up late and you sped to work. Did you break the law? Yes. Is that Christ-like? No it isn’t. Why? Because you broke the law. The first example is a life-style of sin whereas the second one the person simply messed up. Stop and breathe for a moment. I used those two example just to make a point…I’m not talking about doctrinal issues on those points. Ok, back to the topic. If you are a Christian, your job is to stop sinning and represent Christ. Whatever the issue (sin) is, it doesn’t become “ok” just because you are your loved one is doing it. Stand for your Christian values. Don’t be pregnant with sin…be pregnant with Christ. So that you’ll give birth to love…Christian love. Your lifestyle should match your words.

Third, you must realize that being a Christian isn’t about loving everyone the way “we or they” say we should. We must love people through the eyes of God. If any of the rhetoric about Christianity you hear is evil and hateful…it’s not of God. We all are sinners but this doesn’t mean we accept sin because we want to be “fair.” Nor does this mean we have to tolerate the sin. Although this popular saying isn’t scripture, it makes the point nonetheless. “Love the sinner but hate the sin.” We still have to show love to those who hate us. Jesus is the perfect example of someone doing this. As His disciple, we must do the same. It will not be easy. After all, no one wants to be hated. Let your lifestyle show love, not tolerance but love.

Chick-fil-A might lose money because they stood their ground based on their beliefs. Now they are being vilified as hate mongers because of their beliefs. Ironically, those who don’t base their decisions on Christ aren’t vilified. Are you willing to vilified by unbelievers for your Christian stance?

Sooner or later you will have to stand for something or fall for everything. Whether you do or don’t support Chick-fil-A today is not the bigger issue. Some of the issues are (1) whether or not you are going to be the Christian you say you are; (2) whether you will stand with Christians who are standing their grounds for God; (3) whether or not you are ready to withstand the tsunami of anger and hate from those who oppose your views and aren’t afraid to express them; (4) lastly, are you going to stand for Christ? The news reports and leaders at various levels are showing Christians in a negative light as being wrong. It appears we are the evil ones. It will not get any better if you stand on the sidelines and don’t voice your opinion. We need you to do it verbally but more importantly through your lifestyle. We need everyone to get into the game. Show the world the love of Christ…biblically. This is not about being anti-gay but being pro-Christ. Don’t let our Christian message be lost in the white noise of those who oppose our beliefs.

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