God Is There For You

Recently my wife, granddaughter and I were walking along the beach.  Just ahead of us we saw a cluster of rocks coming out of the sand. I think the rocks were placed there to create decorative scenery.  My  granddaughter and I walked ahead while my wife slowed her pace and started talking on the phone.

My granddaughter, like my daughter before her, wanted to walk on these somewhat jagged rocks.  I lifted her onto the rocks and we continued our walk.  Like many children, “I can do it by myself” was her attitude.  Well, that was not going to happen.  As we age we become much more cautious.  I held her hand and led her along the rocks.  As time progressed, I let her hand go and allowed her to climb on the rocks by herself. I still a few inches away.  I noticed that initially, she kept looking for me and kept reaching out for my hand as she was leaped from rock to rock.  I guess she wanted to ensure I was around.

Soon however, she forgot about me.   She moved on ahead and with an attitude of independence and determination she conquered those rocks one-by-one.  However, there was one rock that gave her trouble.  She nearly got to the top of it but unfortunately, she fell backwards.  Now, after that LONG introduction here’s the point.  When she fell backwards, she wasn’t afraid…  she expected me to be there to catch her.  Yes, although she had forgotten about me and was engrossed in her “blazing a trail down the beach,” she knew I’d catch her.  Isn’t that like our relationship with God.  We go about our day…we go about our life and forget He is there.  Yet, when we, like my granddaughter, fall off of the rock…we simply know that He will be there for us.  It’s easy to forget about our Lord when we are caught up in our daily grind.  Give God some time today.  He will walk with you as you face your rock or mountain.  However, He would love for you not to wait until something catastrophic to happen before you recognize Him.

Take a moment and read Deut 31:6.  Spend a few moments in reflection and realize you have the Creator of the universe there for you in your time of troubles.  Thankfully, He is there for you in times of gladness also.


3 thoughts on “God Is There For You

  1. Wow this is so true and really rings home with me. There are times when I go about my busy day only to realize God is there patiently waiting for me to acknowledge Him. I must place God in His rightful position in my life.

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