Which Logo Should I Choose?


give me your input.  Which logo should I go with?  The top one will be referred to as #1 and the bottom as #2.  I’d like to make a decision by the end of the day.  Please give me your inputs.  Thanks

4 thoughts on “Which Logo Should I Choose?

  1. Yves: not sure the symbology. the cross inside the bands implies a boundary? the star may be light, the cross with our without crown of thorns? What happens if you put the world on the cross (in the front where the vertical and horizontal meet), or the vertical and horizontal comme out of the globe.

    my thoughts are the world is not bigger, Christ is. the World is because Christ is. the picture should have the cross of Christ be what the world needs. I am fond of the Navigator wheel where the vertical is Prayer and the Word, the horizontal is fellowship and witnessing.

    hope it helps.

    Tony Dronkers

    1. Hello Tony. No, the artist was attempting to show the cross going around the world. There was never any talk about boundary. He made a cross that was in front of the cross..it just didn’t look appealing to me. The message is preaching and teaching Christ throughout the world. I’m not certain about the other comment about the cross you made. Please explain.

      Let me think about your comments on the size of the world. I wasn’t looking at that as a factor. I was looking at the cross being over the world. I’ll see if he can resize the world. Thanks for all of your inputs.

    1. Thanks Gina. I like your comment…it’s one of the thing I told the artist that I wanted to convey. I should also say that I really wanted a rugged cross. The cross isn’t a beautifully polished piece of wood. I think only bible school teachers would even think about the difference between a polished cross and the pieces of trees our Lord was crucified on.

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