Refocus Your Focus


Random picture found on the webIf you look at 2 Tim 3:11 and 12, you’ll notice few things. Paul lets Timothy know that he has been a good student.  Actually, Paul is affirming Timothy. In 2 Tim 3:11, however, Paul words would ring hollow to  some contemporary Prosperity preachers.  Paul’s words takes us back to what Jesus said in John 15:20 (also see Acts 14:22, Mark 10:30).  Paul is in one sense saying, “It’s not about money, it’s about the Mission.”  Obviously, this has nothing to do with money.  However, Paul’s words should help us refocus our vision from being rich in finances to being rich in the Lord’s work.  It is not sinful to have money or to make money.  We have to remember that our goal is to be Christ-like.  Christ-like has never been about money.

In 2 Tim 3:12, Paul informs Timothy that the Christian lifestyle will not be easy.  In fact, persecution will come.  This statement strikes against the face of those who proclaim the Christian life will not have any troubles.

So, what do we make of these two Scriptures? Is Paul trying to discourage Timothy, his intended reader?  No, Paul wants him to know what he will be facing.  How is this private letter that was written a couple thousand years ago applicable to you?  Glad you asked.  Ready?  As Christians, we will face a lot of problems and persecutions.  Western Christians do not face persecution.  Personally, I think that is about to change.  Whereas our brothers and sisters of faith are being persecuted as you read this blog.   We have to remain strong.  We have to know that the “world” doesn’t love us.  It loves itself.  You however, love the Lord.  Your worldview and your life is different.  Just like Timothy, we have to be prepared for the rejection we will receive because of our faith.   We’ll go more into this in later blogs.

May you be a blessed and may you be a blessing



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