How Is Love Measured?

How is love measured?  Is it by those you love the most?  Or is it by those you love the least?  Isn’t it easy to love those who love you (Luke 6:32)?  As my brother in the ministry, Rev Anthony Mingo always says, “It’s heart check time.”  Who don’t you love?  Aren’t we supposed to show love?  Did Jesus not say that we’ll be known by the love we show (John 13:35)?  Further in 1 John 5:2, we’re told that those who follow God’s word are His children.

If you aren’t showing love or are simply acting unlovable…seek God for clarity.  Practice His principles.  Remember, love doesn’t = Christian compromise.  We can’t let worldly principles and beliefs to erode our beliefs and principles.  Love is one of the non-negotiablables.  Love means being true to God’s word.  It means we should be a reflection of Him and His character in this life.

Let me share this with you.  I know this woman who says she’s a Christian.  I’ve known her for many years.  She has a lot of bibles.  She looks at a lot of Christian television.  You’d think people would be knocking down the door just so that they could sit at her feet and learn from her.  Yet, that’s not her story.  In fact, people are breaking down the door to get out of the room with her!  Her love is bitter.  Love is supposed to be sweet.  It’s sweet even when you are being corrected from doing a wrong.  This too is not the case for this woman.  According to the people that know her, the love she gives out hurts.  Saints, if people feel more loved by an uncaring world than they do by Christians…do I really need to finish this sentence?

Let this week be one that God’s light shines brightly in and through you.  There are a lot of hurting people who need your love.  If you’re like the lady that I spoke of, your love will hurt.  That’s how love shouldn’t be measured.  This week shine brightly and show Christ’s love in this dark world to the people in your circles of influence. Let your love be “measured” the right way.  Be like Christ…after all, you are a Christian.


1.  If you want to know about love.  Read the bible.  It will teach you what you need to know.  Jesus knew the Word…do I need to…well, you know the rest of this sentence.

2.  Pray for someone.  Listen to what they need. It will melt the person’s heart to know you are really praying for them.  Jesus prayed.  See suggestion 1 for more information on how He prayed.

3.  Forgive.  Do not be held prisoner of past hurt.  This is easy to say but harder to do.  Yet, with the Lord on your side…you can do it.  The poison of unforgiveness will eat you alive.  On a practical level, doesn’t a happy person look much better than a mean and mad person?  God can help you with your forgiveness.

4.  Smile a little more…no, not the fake smile.  Show the “joy of the Lord.”

BTW:  You haven’t told me how love is measured.  Bet you thought I had forgotten!


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