Living a Godly Llife

Titus 2:11-12, For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to all men, instructing us to deny ungodliness and worldly desires and to live sensibly righteously and godly in the present age.

These words hold true to us today. We would represent Christ mightily if we would hold true to these words.

How often do we fail to deny ungodly things?  Lets just use a simple one.  One of your loved one asks, “How does this make me look?”  You have a lot of rapid fire responses that you want to shoot off.  Yet, you’re wise.  You know you don’t want to hurt their feelings.  You want to encourage them.  So, do you tell them in a kind way or do you simply tell an untruth? After all, it’s only a “white lie.” The 10 Commandments instructs us not to lie (Ex 20:16).  Scriptures says let your “yes be a yes (Matt 5:37 & James 5:31).”  I chose that example because it is one most people could relate to.

So, now back to the question at hand.   “How often do we fail to deny ungodly things?”  In Titus 3:1, although Paul tells Titus that he must live a godly life, he also tells Titus to remind the people that they must obey those appointed over them.  In a sense, he is saying, “Being a Christian does not place you above the law of the land.”

In Titus 3:2, the Apostle Paul mentions a few things that hinder a Godly life.  In fact, he often tells us how to live the Christian life.  In this verse he mentions maligning, contentiousness, and being inconsiderate.  I guess this too sounds like how some live in today’s society.  Some of us might not see ourselves in those words.  Ironically, we all can identify with being untruthful but it is more difficult to see us as an inconsiderate or maligning person.  I was speaking with a fellow Christian.  As this person began to share a story, I forgot that I was speaking with a Christian.  I couldn’t believe the things this person said.  After every insult toward their “friend,” was a “praise God.”  I guess this person through in a Christian phrase to seem holy.  As the conversation progressed, I asked, “Do you think God placed you here so that you can help them live a Christian life?”  The person seemed to think that showing a Godly life was “up to the Pastor.”  Why did I share that story (albeit a sanitized version) with you?  Even if we think we are living a godly life, we must measure our lives by what God says…not what we think.   Take time and do as Rev Anthony Mingo says, “Conduct a heart check” to see if you have any of those issues residing in your life.

Titus 3:2-4.  Paul says that the Christians must not be the ones who malign, are contentious and inconsiderate.  Rather, we must be the opposite.  After all, we were just like them.  He drives home the point with a simple word.  Paul says, “But.”  If it was not for God, we would still be like them.

If we skim our fingers back to Titus 2:15, Paul tells us that “These things speak and exhort and reprove with all authority.  Let no one disregard you.”  This too is your command.  We must exhort and reprove our fellow Christians.  We must bring the unsaved to a place of repentance.  They will never get there if you don’t speak up and let them know about the more excellent way of Christianity. Pastor Rory Brooks has a good saying, in regards to our work for the Kingdom.  After we do what we need to do…after we live the way we should…”Leave the results up to God.”

A word of warning:  This doesn’t mean you have a license to crush the heart of people because you’re “Doing God’s work.”  Nor does this mean you have to be cruel.  If your communication to people is evil or mean then it isn’t Christian.  After all, God is love.  Christ said that the world would know that we are His disciples by our love (John 13:35).

Mission Possible:  Your mission if you choose to take it (yep, it’s corny but it makes the point) is to share the love of God with someone you know isn’t a Christian.  You can show them by your actions or your words.  I pray you show them both ways.  Take some time and pray.  Ask God what you should do and how you proceed.  Remember, this isn’t about you.  It’s about God.  It’s about how His love can change people’s lives.  You can’t save them.  God can save them.  We need your help in Kingdom building (bringing people to Christ).

Let me know how it goes.  I know the rest of the Christian kingdom would love to hear how you’re doing and to know the great things God is accomplishing.



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