I’m Hurting But I Don’t Know How To Tell Anyone

Today I had another book signing.  It was rather successful in terms of books sold.  However, that was secondary.  What?  Signing and selling books at a book sale is not the most important thing.  Yep.  I had the opportunity to spend time listening to two hurting hearts.

The two individuals were from two different worlds.  I’ve found that hurt doesn’t care where it lands. One was an unbeliever and the other was a searcher.

First lets talk about the unbeliever.  This individual opened up and voluntarily talked about a large assortment of things.  She stated a few times she didn’t believe in God. My wife came by the Book Signing to support me.  Little did she know that she would become a surrogate ear.  I was impressed with her willingness to listen to the individual and spend time with this individual.  My wife and I talked to, rather listened to, the individual like we would with an old friend. Ironically, this person was only passing through our town.  If we had not connected today, the connection would never have happened.  We need to act when God prompts us to do so.

The searcher was attempting to find happiness through an eclectic collection of a variety of “religions.”  I explained what she was really doing.  I let her know that you can’t be a part-time Christian.  I let her know Christians are imperfect and will mess up and hurt people.  That in itself isn’t a reason to dislike Christianity.  This would be tantamount to hating all families because someone in your family hurt you.  I told her that people who aren’t Christian mess up and hurt people also.  I asked, “Do people say, ‘I don’t like people who aren’t Christians when they mess up?  Of course not.  The same should apply to Christians.”  She understood and said she knew that the way she was going about finding peace was wrong.  She asked, “Is your book religious?”  I told her I didn’t know what that means since “religious” has been taken out of context.  I told her this book is written from a Christian perspective and it addresses issues faced by Christians and unbelievers.”  She left and I thought that was it.  She came back several minutes later and boy did she have questions.  I answered all of her questions and told her she can email me or call me if she had any other questions.  She told me that she’ll stop reading 50 Shades of Gray and read my book.  She said she needed to read something uplifting.  I don’t know anything about 50 Shades besides it’s not a Christian book.  I was surprised she bought my book.  I was happy that she and I were able to talk.

I know what you’re thinking.  “Why is he talking about this?  It has nothing to do with his normal topics.”  Well, actually it does.  I have prayed with and prayed for more people during the book signings than I have sold books.  Well, not really but it’s close. The takeaway for you is this:  Simply love on people.  I simply loved on those individuals.  I listened to their problems.  I let them ask me every question that they wanted.  Each time both individuals left but later returned. They, like us, want to be loved.  The world can be a hard place at times. As Christians, we offer something that no other religion offers.  We offer unconditional love.  True, we don’t always exhibit it but it is what we offer – L O V E.

So, what’s my point?  John C. Maxwell said it best, “People don’t care how much you know until they know you care.”  Book sale are nice but lending your time and ear to a hurting person is priceless.  Be a world changer this week.  When the opportunity comes along, love on someone.  There is probably a good chance that someone in your office or class that needs some love.  Your kind word or thoughtful actions might be the one thing they need to know that they can make it through their current situation.

In His grip….

I pray you allow God

5 thoughts on “I’m Hurting But I Don’t Know How To Tell Anyone

  1. I have failed on this more times than I can count. Even in the role of Commander I found myself angry at circumstances, myself, or someone/something else. Yet, it was all about me! Thanks again Chief. Hey, maybe I need to stop this “Chief” stuff and call you “Reverend”?

  2. Colonel…I think after spending the amount of time that we did in the military….our titles and rank will never go away. Like you, I’m still being asked questions concerning the military. I’m fine with people calling us our rank. I’m also fine with people calling me Elder, Minister, Reverend or brother. Hey you can be fine if it means we can talk and grow closer together. Thanks Colonel, er Carl…er friend! IJS.

    1. Carl,
      I forgot to reply to the first point on your comment. We all fail. I’m certain 100% of us will fail a few more times. The key is to get up and press on. We have to use those failings as an opportunity to see where and how we can improve as a person and a Christian. As one ascends to high levels of leadership…that person is in what I call “rarefied air.” Every word the person says and every action that person makes is under public scrutiny. Heavy is the head that wears that crown! This is a good reason to have a strong network of not just friends but trusted confidants. As a Christian, more prayer is a must. In a nutshell, we will fail. Lets use those failing as energy to improve our leadership and love towards others. As John C. Maxwell said it, “Fail Forward.”

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