Somebody Is Watching You?

Romans 14:16, Let not, then, your good be evil spoken of.

People are always watching. So, don’t let your good be evil spoken of.  Always show the righteousness of God.  If you mess up..pray, repent and press on.  You are not called to be perfect like Jesus but you are called to holy. The job of being perfect has been taken and Jesus isn’t going to give it to any one of us.

Your failures shouldn’t hold you from walking out your Christian faith.  Why? Because your job is to walk it the best you can.  Get your directions from the Scriptures.  My wife and I used our TomTom (a GPS device) to help us with directions as we took our coast-to-coast drive.  If we had listened to every direction it was sending us to, we’d be on the west side of Mars.  Heck, I think we saw the Mars Rover.  Although the GPS is a great aid, it is made by imperfect people.  Consequentially, we kept getting inaccurate directions.

Your Christian walk is not dependent on your family, friends or fellow Christians.  They help guide you and they assist you.  In fact, you can enhanced and strengthen by them.  Your walk is dependent on God.  Stay close to Him and you’ll do fine.  Unlike the GPS, God will not steer you in the wrong direction.  So, don’t worry about your mistakes.  God can handle your mistakes. In a lot of regards, your mistakes will only help you see which areas you need to improve on. We’ll talk more about that in later blogs.

The list of reasons why people are watching you could be endless but I’ll give you just one. You are the key in providing the people in your circle of influence with a healthy dose of Christianity.  You will give this “dose of Christianity” to the believer, the skeptic and the unbeliever alike. The responsibility to show Christianity to your circle of influence is yours alone, not your pastors.  I must stress that there are a lot of people who are looking for reasons to discredit Christianity or simply not believe in it.  Further, there are a lot of people who are undecided about Christianity and your walk could be the very thing to convince them that Christianity is “real.”  Some of these people are in your church!  Their particular stance on God is not the main issue.  Your showing them God in everyday living is.  You are the agent of change.  Here’s an example.  One day a co-worker came to me and said, “I’ve been checking you out.  I’ve been waiting on you to flirt or curse at someone but you haven’t.  Ok, I’ll come check your church out.”  If you’ll excuse me for a moment, I have to tell you that her comments bothered me.  I didn’t like someone “checking me out to see if I was for real.”  Later, I realized that was actually a good thing. As a Christian, we should want people to look at us.  We want them to see the goodness of God.  Hopefully, they’ll want to join in on what we’re privy of…a loving and wonderful God.

I’ll close with this and it is just a simple example of “people are always watching.”  Lets pretend you have a Facebook account. You post a lot of Christian related articles and pictures.  Is your “walk” tarnished when you post just as many articles and pictures that laced with profanity or sexually explicit?  If so, which one should you post?  Please don’t send mix messages.  Don’t praise Him in one post and then engage in things that discredit your Christian walk.  Remember, somebody is watching you.  I for one, am pulling for you and the rest of the body of Christ.  Let’s show the world the goodness of God.  After all, they are watching.

In His grip….

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