Life Lessons #2 From a Dog: Recognize Your Enemy

I was walking our dog.  He was happy and running around.  The sun was beaming down on me.  It was so hot that thought I was getting an overdose of Vitamin D.  Yet, he didn’t notice it.  I saw a beautiful little cat.  Once he saw us, he immediately ran for cover.  Then it happened!  Our dog saw the cat also.  My reaction was, “Hmm, oh there goes a cat.”  This was not our dog’s reaction.  He went immediately into attack mode.  Mere seconds ago, he was happy as can be.

The enemy is ever present.  The Apostle Paul reminds us that we are in a spiritual battle (Eph 6:10-20).  Scripture also tells us that the devil disguises himself as an Angel of light (Cor. 11:14).  Like my dog and the cat, you must recognize your enemy

This week…try and recognize your enemy.  He knows who you are.  He’s waiting for you to make a mistake.  Recognize him.  He might be disguised as laziness, being inconsiderate, unforgiveness, failure to pray, etc., you get the point. Early in my ministry, my wife and I would fight all week long.  Well, the week we would fight would be the week that I would preach.  I never noticed that trend.  If you know me, you know I like looking at trends to see how things might play out.  Yet, it was my wife that noticed that.  Once we talked about it and prayed on it…those fights seemed to disappear.  We recognized the enemy and those attacks no longer worked on and against us like they did in the past.  You must do the same thing.

Happy hunting.  Hunting for the booby traps the enemy has set up to get you off your Christian living this week.  Ok, one last piece of advice.  Listen to what people say about you. If someone says you’re “ZYX” or you do XYZ,” take the information in and pray over it.  Do a self-inventory and consider the source.  Ask God for guidance.  We’ve talked about the enemy.  Some times, the enemy is us….

In His service….

2 thoughts on “Life Lessons #2 From a Dog: Recognize Your Enemy

  1. On point Elder Johnson. It seemed like the wife and I were constantly fighting. So I started to jot down our fights. Sunday after service was the trend. Not the only day, but always Sunday. It tainted the entire week. Even if we only fought on Sunday it felt like we fought the rest of the week when the next Sunday rolled around. At one point my solution was actually to just forget about going to church, all we did was argue after service and ruin the blessings of the morning. I came to grips with that and decided that Sunday after service was never to be an argument — I would just listen.
    Not such an easy solution. The attacks started coming before service. Always running late, blaming each other when really it was no one’s fault just perception. It drove us to the brink a few times, but by prayer and supplication we got past it.
    It still happens now and again, but not like back then. I firmly believe part of that is the wife and I are very committed people once we decide to do something, and we have both committed to Sunday ministries that we take care of or are part of. I know, God put us in those ministries.
    Thanks for your messages. They inspire me.

    1. Thanks for your inspiring story. It’s great to hear God’s children have worked through a problem. I’m so glad to hear you all recognized the issue instead of letting the issue continue to tear you apart. It’s amazing how some small things can unravel as great as a marriage.

      I loved that you said “by prayer and supplication.” We must always go to our Father for guidance.

      I pray God continues to work in and through your lives. I also pray He blesses you all for your ministries and that those ministries touch the lives of those you serve.

      Thank you for the kind words…they encourage me and makes me want to continue to write.
      Bless you

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