Picking Weeds

Weeds From My Garden

Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong. Do everything in love. 1 Corinthians 16:14-15

A few days ago I decided to pick the weeds out of my yard.  Please bear in mind that I live in a desert region.  I didn’t think weeds would or could grow in this area.  Also, when I say “decided,” well that means that my wife was tired of looking at these “desert flowers.”  Well, a few things occurred to me as I was pulling all of these weeds.

First, my work would have been quick and easy if I had pulled the weeds when I first saw them.  I had a lot of good intentions on ridding our yard of those pesky weeds.  Yet, something “else” always came up.  Consequentially, I’m now pulling up a whole lot of weeds.  I’m not particularly happy with this situation.  I don’t have any gardening gloves so my task is a bit more dirty. The gloves would have prevented me from getting pricked by the weeds.  Man, I wish I had taken care of this when I first noticed the problem.  I didn’t.  Since I didn’t the small problem became a backbreaking one.  What are some things you need to address that you’ve been putting off?  Don’t be like me.  If you put off addressing the issues, they might become something bigger.  If that happens, your ability to deal with them quickly may reduced.

The second thing I wondered was, “How can weeds not only live but strive in the scorching desert and in-between the rocks?”  Then it occurred to me. The weeds are just like sin.  It only needs a little bit of room to grow.  If you would have looked at my yard from a distance, you would not have known it was weeds.  It’s possible that you would have thought it was a patch of grass.  Yet looks can be deceiving.  Are there anything you’re doing that contradicts your Christian lifestyle?  Is there something that looks like your doing the right thing but you really aren’t?  Lets use some simple examples.  What television shows do you look at?  Are you looking at shows that endorse a lifestyle (infidelity, drugs, etc.) that is against what you believe in?  Obviously, looking at documentaries or news items aren’t in this category.  Are you looking at sexually provocative shows? I’m not talking about pay per view.  I’m talking about the regularly scheduled shows on TV.  Or, what about your every day living? It seems like there are shows that have become normalized.  As such, society no longer have a problem showing them. Someone once said, “Do you mind if your child has an extramatrial affair?  If not, why do you let those type of shows enter into your house through the TV?”  Are any of your shows little weeds that need to be rooted out?

Several weeks ago, I heard a sermon by Pastor Paul Sheppard.  He asked a question that has stuck with me for these past four weeks.  He asked, “Have you been shocked by your behavior since you’ve become saved?”  Similarly, do you still have the small weeds in your life frequent use of profanity, frequent irritability, frequent anger, etc.?  This may be an indication of some small weeds.

I pray you do some weed killing this week.

Ok, one more thing.  Your weed killing isn’t reserved just for you.  Look at your relationships and see if there are things that need to be weeded out.  My wife and I had a nice discussion last night.  We discuss how we could become better friends.  We looked at what are some of the things that might hinder us.  We looked for weeds.  God blessed me with the perfect partner.  I hope you have a happy gardening time like we did.

In later writings we will address the other things Paul mentioned.  I just think you “Being on guard” was enough for today.  Remember, be on guard and pick out those weeds.  Let me know how your weeding goes.



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