No To Jesus!

Today I want to show you some pictures that provides a glimpse of how some people in today’s society view our Lord and Savior.  We need to change the attitudes of people in our sphere of influence.  This is not a call to have a Million Christian Walk.  It is designed, however, to open your eyes to an ongoing situation and to increase your awareness.

Hurricane Sandy’ devastated many of the lives of our family, friends and fellow Americans. Its impact has helped bring this country together. As you know, we really need to closer.  Whenever there is a calamity, even the staunchest critic want God helps us.  Yet Christ is belittled when times are “normal”.  As Christians, we should always be prayerful.  It’s our duty to pray for our family, friends and the strangers who have been devastated by the recent natural events throughout the world. This means we need to pray for those who have mocked God but now need His help.  This means that we must be forgiving and loving…even to those who do not love Christ.  In short, we should pray for the believers and unbelievers who are in need right now.  Remember, we are to be like Christ (Matt 22:37-40).

Ironically, some Christians feel that if we stand up and defend Christ, then we aren’t showing love.  I feel our beliefs should be known to the world at large.  If not, how will any one know what we believe and stand for?  I have to warn you that some of these images are a bit disturbing. We can’t indorse them disrespecting God.  Together we can make loving God the “normal” rather than the “abnormal.”  Lastly, we need to pray for the people who disrespect God.  In the end, “every knee will bow” to Christ.  Just like Jesus, we want to bring everyone into the knowledge of Christ.

Click on the following links to view some of the pictures:

Please note this is just a draft of a document that I’m putting together.  It’s not exhaustive but it should help you see how our Lord is disregard and disrespected.  If you have more info…please send it to me.

Let me know your thoughts. Thanks.


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