Where Are The Christians?

I recently came from a Ministerial Alliance meeting and they provided us with the following facts:

  • 1900: 1 out of 40 Americans considered themselves as a practicing Christian
  • 1980: 1 out of 17 Americans considered themselves as a practicing Christian
  • 2012: 1 out of 8 Americans considered themselves as a practicing Christian

So, where are the Christians?  Those numbers aren’t totally in line with some of the stats I found during my research for my book: There Is No Gray In Moral Failure. However, those number provide us with the understanding that America has become less Christian. Obviously, America has grown exponentially as a country. Further, America now has a lot more cultures and religions within her boarders. The influx of new people, ways and thoughts have helped us become the great Nation that we are today.  Yet, those positive changes have affected the way Christians are viewed.  What else does these changes mean to you?  Simply put, it means that not everyone share our beliefs.

Does this mean you keep quiet and not speak your beliefs?  No, it doesn’t. The world needs us to speak up more. They really need us to show Christ’s love.  I don’t have to tell you all the things that are going wrong in the world. Simply pick up a newspaper and you’ll see some things that have recently been legalized. You’ll also see women and men having sexual relations with children. You’ll see politicians saying one thing but doing something totally different in their private lies. Further, you’ll see several high-powered people caught in extramarital affairs. The list goes on. Curiously when a Christian makes a mistake…all Christians are vilified. Yet this standard isn’t held to unbelievers.  If an unbeliever makes a mistake, all unbelievers aren’t vilified. We need to support each other and keep each other accountable. More importantly, we must stand strong and live like Christ.  If not, it is easy to see why the number of people identifying themselves as Christians is dwindling.

My original question was “Where are the Christians?”  We can’t allow the media to paint Christians as hate-mongers and lunatics.  Christ’s image is tainted when Christians are caught in compromising circumstances.  We need to hold true to the values we espouse.  This could be something simple as stop engaging in secular talk on Facebook.  Or, it could be to stop speeding.  Further, you could look at the people you socialize with.  Are they changing you or are you changing them?

The media isn’t the only ones silencing our voice.  We aren’t speaking up and this allows others to speak for us.  Those who do not share our view or are against us will highlight the failure of the few.  In short, the only media exposure we will receive is negative exposure.  This is true in our every day life.  People will notice when our acts aren’t Christ-like.  Let’s show them the right light.

I’ll ask you one of my old question questions: “How are you doing spiritually?” Start praying if you’re feeling weak and “sin is lurking at your door.” Go to a bible study this week. You’ll be fellowshipping with believers and will grow spiritually. Today is the day that we mark our line in stone. We don’t need to mark it in sand. A little water will wipe out a line made in sand!   You need to keep praying.  Jesus told Peter that Satan wanted to sift him as wheat.  You need to “Prayed up” because you will be tested.

If the numbers written above are close to being true…we need each Christian to stand strong. Also, we need to introduce someone else to Christ. One of the best ways of introducing someone to Christ is by you living like Him. (Matt 5:13-16)

Check out my book and it’ll provide you with more insight. Now to answer the first question, “Where Are The Christians?”.  They are where you are!  You are the key to this.  We need you to shine your light wherever you are.  If not, it is possible the world will miss out on knowing God and how a Christian should live and work.  Let’s not look for the “other” Christian to exhibit Christian behavior…we need you to do it. Lets bring up the number of people identifying themselves as Christians.

I’m pulling for you.  I’m praying for us.


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