Carpe Diem

Today, I want you to seize the day.  We know people are always watching us.  Don’t let your good be evil spoke of (Rom 14:16).  That’s a great thing.  Always show the righteousness of God.  If you a make a mistake…pray, repent and press on.

Your failure shouldn’t hold you from walking out your Christian faith.  This week, spend some time with your accountability partner(s). Also, spend an extra few minutes in prayer and bible study.  The milk industry has a slogan, “Milk, it does the body Good.”  Here’s your slogan for today.  “The bible, it does the body (all Christians) right.”

Do you need prayer?  Email me and I’ll add you to our prayer list. Do you need a church?  I know of some throughout the U.S.  Contact me and if I know of one in your area…I’ll recommend it.

Be encouraged!


6 thoughts on “Carpe Diem

  1. Please correct the spelling of “Carpe” in your blog title. Nevertheless, I love your writing ministry.

    Sent from my iPad Donald Brown 954-856-3545

    All things are possible with God!

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