Praying For Those In Power

***See update at the end of this blog***

Today, I was privileged to be on the National Pastors Call with President Obama.  The President spoke to Pastors and Faith leaders from various beliefs.

Just a few days ago, Christian leaders were clearly divided on where or not it was “Christian-like” to vote for President Obama.  We heard rhetoric from both sides of the Christian aisle.  Pastor Robert Jeffress provided our Nation with an interesting, if not ominous prediction.  He said, “The course he (President Obama) is choosing to lead our nation is paving the way for the future reign of the Antichrist.”  Yet other pastors stood behind the president and stated he must be re-elected in order for our Nation to be unified and for us to get through the problems we’re facing.

It’s obvious some Christians are still divided on whether or not we should support our re-elected President.  Hopefully, that mindset is changing.  Just after the election, Pastor Greg Laurie stated, “Now is the time to Pray for our President for the great challenges that he will face in the days ahead.”  I agree with Pastor Laurie.

I’d like to share with you two simple things.  First, as I listened to the selected speakers and the President speak, my mind drifted.  I thought of 1 Tim 2:1-4.  We must pray for those placed in authority above us.  We must pray for the President whether or not we agree with all of his policies.  I want to be clear.  I did not say we should compromise our beliefs in order to support those appointed above us.  We are still accountable to God.

I searched the web to find a picture to add to this blog post.  I was disturbed by the vile depictions of President Obama.   Please realize these negative presidential depictions aren’t a new thing.  I recall seeing many purely evil depictions of Present George W. Bush.  I supposed people post those things to vent their frustrations.  The searched reinforced my belief that this Nation needs to hear the Christian voice more than ever.  Like we did for President Bush, we need to pray that President Obama and all other leaders are led by their Christian beliefs. We must also realize that the Christian leader is the leader over everyone under their authority. As such, other ideas will be taken into consideration.

Second, if Christians disagree or want to challenge polices we disagree with, then we should take advantage of the avenues afforded to us.  If we, as a collective body, band together…we can create the change we want.  If we don’t stand strong together, we’ll fall separately.  Take a look at some of the items that were passed during the elections.  The people have spoken.  But, has the Christian’s voice been heard?  If not…now is the time for us to place a line in the stone.  We must come together to help bring Christ’s message to the world.  Remember, we can pray for all our leaders, at all the various levels but disagree with their polices.  We’re praying for them to be guided by God’s direction, not their own.

I close with this simple thought:  Pray for change and act to make change.  If not, the Christian voice will remain unheard and we will have no one but ourselves to blame.

Update: Franklin Graham says something in line with what we’ve just discussed.  Give my your thoughts an feeback.


11 thoughts on “Praying For Those In Power

  1. There is not one Christian voice — hope of unity is naive, I am afraid. There are lots of Christians trying to tell us that they know what God wants. Same is happening in India with different Hindus. And horribly so in Muslim countries where they all have different opinions about what Allah wants. When will we stop using gods as puppets to tell others what we want? We need people to start talking to people.

    1. Thanks for your comments. My blog is about Christian living and education. As such, I’ll limit my comments to the Christian side of what you commented on. I’m also intentionally narrowing my comments to Christianity for another reason. People tend to throw Christianity and religion together. Christianity is a form of religion. How we do things are often far different from other religions. Thus it is important to remember the differences prior to lumping us all together. I will say one thing for clarification. Like Christianity, there are more than one sects of Hindu.

      For some time now, I’ve spoken about the lack of a unified Christian voice. Is it naive to think people who believe in the same God to have one collective voice? I don’t think so. I think it’s a worthwhile goal to strive and hope for. Will it happen in my life time? Probably not. Does this mean that the attempt shouldn’t be made? I don’t think so. Regrettably, the disunity that some Christian sects have shown has helped create confusion. Yet, despite this disunity one can easily see the great things the Christians have done. In fact, phrases like “The Good Samaritan,” “Golden Rule,” etc have crept into the vernacular of almost every known society. There are hospitals, orphanages, schools, etc that carry out the Christian mission to show God’s love. This is just to name a few things that quickly came to my mind. Yet those wonderful things, that provide a great need to the world, aren’t spoken of when someone wants to degenerate Christianity.

      Christians don’t use gods as puppets. To say that is saying man is the puppeteer who controls God. We rely on God (notice the capitalized G) as the source of our strength. We study, pray and speak to Him for the necessities of life, peace, understanding and so much more. Regrettably, sin (things that separate us from God) has polluted human nature. As such, we tend to do the things we shouldn’t do. Consequentially, those actions pushes us apart from one another rather than unify us (all people).

      As for people speaking to one another…great point. I would add that we (Christians) should also listen to one another. However, the human nature is inherently evil (full of sin). As such, it is impossible for sinful people to act sin-LESS. God is sinless. We want to be like Him. Jesus’ life on earth showed us how we can live a holy life. We strive to live a holy life (i.e. be Christ-like) while we are alive. That’s only one of the reasons we follow God. Obviously, our love for Him is the driving force.

      We will continue to hear “lots of Christians trying to tell us that they know what God wants.” It’s part of our duty. We have this thing called the “Great Commission.” It basically says, “Tell everyone in the world about Me.” Christians, as fallible as we are, try to share Christ with everyone. Unfortunately, we don’t always do a great job. However, I’m glad they are trying to share Christ with everyone. It’s easier to criticize and do nothing than it is to embrace and share. Nevertheless, we must do a better job at it.

      I hope this brief overview/response provides you with more insight on how Christians try to live. One last thing. Christians will and do make mistakes like everyone else. I’ve noticed is that when a Christ makes a mistake, their critics are quick to point their “holier than thou” fingers at the Christians and say, “I knew you were a hypocrite!” Yet, when someone from another religion or even an unbeliever fails…there isn’t a collective condemnation for all the unbelievers. Pick up my book and you’ll find more candid information about not just Christians but unbelievers. For the Christian, failure is just an opportunity to get back up and strive to be holy. We learn to forgive those who speak against us and those Christians that cross moral boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed.

  2. I certainly have my doubts about our leaders Christian values and leadership abilities but we have made this choice so we might as well pray for him in order that God will lead him to watch out for this country and those of us in it.
    Thank you for your share and strong convictions.

    1. I can understand how you feel. I try not to determine someone’s Christianity. I want to believe the person (some of the leaders who profess Christianity) when they say they’re a Christian. But I have to tell you that some things they say and do are contrary to Christian beliefs. Scriptures tells us we’ll be known by our fruit. Regardless, we should pray for our President and leaders even if they aren’t a Christian or if they are a Mormon or Muslim. One of our prayers would be that the Holy Spirit moves and guides them. Prayerfully, they’ll be “apprehended” by the Holy Spirit. God can move the unbeliever.

  3. Yves, I pray not only for our leaders, many of whom have forgotten important values that are the foundation of this country, but also for the leaders around the world. I ask especially that God turn the fervant fanaticism of terrorists into an equal fervor for our own true God. I pray for Israel, whom God has sworn to always protect–his promised people, and I pray that our children and decendants may live in peace. Thanks for a great post.

  4. Thank you for your prayers. It’s some times hard to pray for those not connected to us. Some might not even think of doing this. That’s why it’s great that you’re looking at your responsibility in a global manner. It’s great that people like you and Rosemary are praying for our leaders as well as people throughout the world. Our email prayer team is comprised of people throughout the world. Amazingly some of the imprisoned and persecuted Christians we’ve prayed for were somehow related (friends or family) of people on the team. It really brought it home how our prayers aren’t in vain.

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