What’s In A Name?

My name is Yves. It means hunter.  What does your name mean?  What is God’s Name?  For some, it is important to call upon God and His character when they are dealing with circumstance.  Others call upon our Lord when times are good!  Image that!  We can take time to praise and talk to God without asking for anything.  Some people call Him, like Jesus did, “Abba.”

What do you call God?  I image you call Him, “God, Lord, Savior.”  Are there other Names you call Him?  If so, write them down on a sheet of paper.  After you have finished this first step, click on this link to download 10 Common Names of God.

Hopefully, you will read the Names and be encouraged. I hope you learn a little more about our Father.  I’ll be pleased if this handout assists you in becoming more intimate with Him. Please remember, this is a partial list.

One last thing.  Is He your Abba? Abba??? What does that mean?  Let me know your thoughts.




10 thoughts on “What’s In A Name?

  1. Wow! I forgot about those name for God. Thank you for the reminder. However, I call Him my God, Lord, Almighty, Heavenly Father and so on. He has been everything to me and more. As for Abba, I had to do a little research. I found this article which I thought was good. I hope you don’t mind me share it on your site. http://radicallife.org.uk/does-abba-father-mean-i-can-call-god-%E2%80%9Cdaddy%E2%80%9D/ . From this site the author simply stated he Abba means daddy. But he explained it more.

    God bless you for keep the word fresh in our hearts and minds. Keep spreading the Word.

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