An Unholy Walk

By now you might have read about Lisa Biron.  She is a professing Christian who was arrested on the horrible crime of child pornography.

Her moral failure is an excellent example of how Christians aren’t supposed to live.  Mrs. Biron actions will be used by the skeptic and unbeliever in belittling or discrediting Christianity as a whole. This is a wake up call for us to be careful.  We don’t want “our good to be evil spoken of (Romans 12:17).”  We don’t want anyone to be pushed from Christ.  Rather, we want to bring more people to Christ.

Let me know your thoughts. How can we help one another through this?

Please be in prayer for the children and for Mrs. Biron.  We pray for the children’s safety and recovery.  We also pray that Mrs. Biron come to know our Lord and Savior.


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