You Can’t Show That In Public

It’s said that, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  What does this say to you?


Let me start it off.  It’s ironic that Christian symbols and beliefs are offensive while profanity, nudity, infidelity, etc., are accepted on TV, radio and newspapers.

I image many of you have seen Forrest Gump.  I really liked that movie.  A few years ago I heard a man on the radio talk about this movie.  He made a point that really struck with me.  He asked, “Do you think Forrest Gump is a wholesome movie?”  I thought, “Duh, of course it is.”  The speaker reminded the audience that one of the very first scenes was Forest Gump’s mother engaging in a sex scene.  He went on to remind us that Forrest Gump engaged in pre-marital sex and that’s how “Lil Gump” was born.  I missed both of those things.  I’m not suggesting we boycott the movie.  I am suggesting that we can easily miss this.  Or, looked at another way–some things are normalized and Christians might miss un-Christian like behavior.  Well, that’s enough about that movie.

The secular society won’t miss the opportunity criticise something Christian base.  Ok, that’s my take.  What’s yours?

4 thoughts on “You Can’t Show That In Public

  1. great picture. mind if I use it for my message this sunday?

    I won’t make the 12 June deadline for the review of your book. I am sorry. I do have some initial comments about what I have read so far and will get them to you, however, it may be better to have a phone call.

    so you know: effective this week, I am no longer the WACMM Conference Director and so will not be doing the ISI planning.

    1. Hello brother. Yes, you can use it. I didn’t see any proprietory rights on it. It was from a picture on FB.

      I’m sorry to hear you’re not going to be running the ISI. I think that’s a big loss for them.

      Get me the review when you can. My editor is running a bit behind also. I wanted to have it ready for my August book signing. However, I plan on using it as my “Signature” book since I’ll be talking about this issue at men’s ministries.

      Call me when you get the chance.

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