How Would Jesus Want Us to Celebrate Christmas?

santa__baby_4381140_stdIt seems like Christ is being taken out of Christmas. Santa Claus, a made up character, now symbolize Christmas. If you look at the picture to the left…it dares to put this fake character with Jesus.  This led me to wonder, “How would Jesus want us to celebrate Christmas?”

Would He want us to show the “Christmas spirit?”  You might hear about people having the “Christmas spirit.”  You’ll quickly realize that “spirit” has nothing to do with the Spirit. It seems like the typical Christmas spirit has more to do with the commercialization of Christmas. Their spirit will push them off their personal fiscal cliff.

A local TV station interviewed some volunteers.  Some of these thoughtful people were motivated to volunteer and help out children.  One volunteer said, “Christmas is about kids.  So, we’re out here giving them a good Christmas.”  I commend their noble acts but is that why we have Christmas?  Christmas was a gift from God.  Jesus’ birth changed history.  His birth was to reconcile us to God.  Ok, I’m getting ahead of myself.

The so-called War on Christmas is alive.  I’m not talking about the skeptic, unbeliever or atheist.  We know people opposing Christianity would stand in picket lines to denounce a Nativity scene while defending profanity on TV is freedom of speech. Ironically, they’ll take any free time off that the Christmas season may offer them.  I’m talking about well-intended people.  Well, I’m being a little liberal in saying the everyday person is waging war on Christmas.  I’ve heard parents say that they realize we should be celebrating Jesus.  But, they “want to make sure their kids are happy on Christmas.”  I’m not opposed to Christmas gifts.  I can’t remember the last time that I’ve asked for one.  What I am opposed to is this: Forgetting about the Gift (Jesus) and the Gift Giver (God).

My question to you is this, “How would Jesus want us to celebrate Christmas?”

Tell me your thoughts?

26 thoughts on “How Would Jesus Want Us to Celebrate Christmas?

  1. I find more and more Christians shouting that Christmas is based on pagan tradition etc and they are vehemently pointing me out to scripture about not doing what the idolators did, that Jesus never asked us in the Word to celebrate His birth etc etc. I just wonder… if we should not celebrate His birth, yes and I know He wasn’t born on 25th Dec, how can we celebrate His resurrection? If we are going to steer away from anything pagan, then we better find other names for the days of the week as well. As every single day is based on some or other pagan name, pagan god, etc. Goodness surely it is a no brainer, if you are a Christian, you are not going to get drunk and have all-fall-down parties, but you are going to spend the day in reverence and gratefulness for our mighty Creator God, who became flesh and was a helpless little baby, depended on a human mother for nourishment and care, in order to become that sacrificial Lamb by which we are saved. Are we going to go to hell for celebrating Christmas? No!! But in my mind, it just puts it all in perspective. How can we see Jesus as 100% human and 100% God if we refuse to believe that He was a baby, who wore nappies, whose first words were probably mama or dada? who knows?? don’t you ever wonder what it was like for Him? Having to give up the glory He knew with the Father, to become human and lo!! live among the pagans!

    1. Thanks for your comments. It is uncertain on the exact date that Jesus was born. Many scholars believe it was around 4 AD. Apparently, the Gregorian calendar was off a bit. Scriptures tells us that the shepherds were in the field. This too leads many Theologians to believe that Jesus’ birth was probably around March or April. In the final analysis, I don’t think either one of those disputed facts makes a difference. The Christmas Story is a story of love. It shows us that God gave of Himself to reconcile us with Him. It’s true that Jesus never said, “Celebrate My birth.” Yet, is that a valid reason not to pause and thank God for the gift…His only Son…our reconciliator…our Savior…our Lord? The CHRISTmas Story begins the new chapter in humanity. The Christian Jews were now able to have a personalized relationship with God. Unlike their brothers who still went through the Priest. I have to admit that I did a bit of flash forwarding. So, I’ll go back to the issue of Christ’s birth.

      Jesus’ birth is worth celebrating. He came to earth to show us how to live holy. That is the goal of all Christians. It’s easy to take our eyes off the prize. Instead of striving to be Christ-like, we can start listening to people who aren’t Christian. When we do, we’ll follow what they say Christianity is all about. How can an unbeliever teach us about God? They can’t. They don’t study the bible nor do they pray to God.

      I’m not certain what you mean when you say, “How can we see Jesus as 100% human and 100% God if we refuse to believe that He was a baby, who wore nappies, whose first words were probably mama or dada?” Please explain.

      As far as whether we should or should not celebrate the Resurrection…that’s easy. The Resurrection is what our belief in Jesus hinges on. If He did not rise up and ascend into heaven, then everything we believe in is a lie. The belief in the Resurrection is foundational to our belief…it’s a non-negotiable thing. Let’s not forget the virgin birth is also a non-negotiable. If it weren’t true then the Scriptures that we hold dear would be false. In short, there is nothing wrong with celebrating those two sacred days. Yet, we must live out the tenets of Christianity daily. In doing so, we can be used by God to bring more people into the knowledge of Him.

      Ironically, I was asked to preach on love this coming week. If you want, I’ll send you some of my notes. I think they will help you to get a better understanding of how and why we should celebrate Christmas.

      1. Hahaha Elder clearly we have a crossed line here. I agree with everything you say and is exactly why I said, I know He was not born on the 25th Dec. I also tried to say that if Christ was not made human, He could not have died for us. So we are very much in agreement. Maybe my wording was a little skewed. I definitely celebrate Christmas and as I tried to say, have had many Christians lambasting me for the fact that I do celebrate Christmas. I really do not care on what day He was born, the fact is, He was and I am grateful

        What I meant by seeing Jesus 100% human and 100% God, is that Jesus, whilst living in the flesh was human like you and me. Had hunger, suffered the heat, thirst, etc. fully human and died on the cross, as a human, but was resurrected fully God, the second person of the God-head.

        Is my Afrikaans getting the better of me or are you understanding me?

    1. You are welcome and I would still like to receive your notes on you sermon you preached if it is all good with you. Have a good evening I guess over there. My day is just beginning and it is just the most beautiful day here in East London, South Africa.


  2. The answer is “He wouldn’t”. Clearly it was never a question that ever popped into the heads of Christians, What doctrinal epiphany took place that swayed Christians to start celebrating Christmas? Up until the later 1800’s, the only church or denomination you could find open or having any association with Christmas were the Catholics. We didn’t do Christmas in North America. From a religious and thrological perspective, what justification was found to start, where none was found by all Christians before us? Those who didn’t do Christmas before us, which were all Christians throughout time except Catholics, what did they miss. How did those who walked with Jesus on earth, miss the special truth we now have? How did those who walked with those who walked with Jesus, those who knew the apostles first hand, miss the speical truth we have about Christmas? They didn’t, because there is no truth in Christmas, it only waters down the truth. Christmas is on a foundation of lies, laid by the Father of Lies. As parents are manipulated and compelled to lie to their kids and allow Santa to annually steal the anticipation that should otherwise be going to God, in anticipation of better things to come. Pastors and ministers do the same to their congregations. What Christmas messages were pastors and ministers working on before the Father of Lies established all the Christmas messages given now? They weren’t, Christmas messages didn’t exist, had no basis in doctrine, were clearly seen as something outside of Christianity as it is. So how would Jesus have us celebrate Christmas? He wouldn’t have me celebrate Chirstmas, regardless what modern spin you want to put on it.

    1. Casey,
      Thanks for the comments. Let’s go point-by-point.

      Point 1. I think you might be right. I don’t think Jesus would be interested in us celebrating His birthday the way we currently celebrate it. His focus was to redeem us. Jesus showed us how to living a Godly life. On that point, I think a skeptic or an unbeliever would miss the point of the question, “How would Jesus want us to celebrate Christmas?” This is a call to action for us to remember why He came to earth. The celebration of His birthday shouldn’t be a time for us to get a present. In fact, He is our gift. In simple terms, God is love and Jesus is God. Therefore, love Himself came from heaven to be with us on the date we celebrate as Christmas.

      Point 2. There is a lot of discussion on whether Jesus was born on 25 Dec or in April. I tend to believe April would be more likely. His date of birth is debatable also. Some of leading Theologians say that His birth was probably around 2-3 BC. They base this on the Census. I don’t know how true it is but it’s one of those minor things that wouldn’t add or detract from faith. Going back to point 1 and adding in point 2, the focus is Jesus came to earth to be the sacrificial lamb that redeem us back to God. Consequentially, we now have a personal relationship with God. You mentioned the Jews but you didn’t mention that our relationship with God is different from theirs. If we compare, we have to state why we are similiar or dissimilar. If not, the message will be manipulated and slanted. I hope these points help to answer your question, “What doctrinal epiphany took place that swayed Christians to start celebrating Christmas?” I’m not certain when Christians started celebrating Christmas. But this article provides some insights. If the information is true, then your assertions would be off by 1500 years. However, I did find some articles that go along with what you say. Yet, those articles only looked at the commercialization of Christmas. I must also add that birthday’s weren’t the most celebrated things in ancient Judaism. Last point on your question. “Those who didn’t do Christmas before us, which were all Christians throughout time except Catholics, what did they miss?” I think they missed out on the opportunity to celebrate God’s gift to us. I don’t think they “loss out on anything.”

      As Christians, our focus is not the presents that are received on Christmas. Our focus should be on the gift and the gift-giver. We are in a constant fight with forgetting that His birth has nothing to do with Santa, Frosty or Rudolph. Nor does the “True Christmas Spirit” have to do anything with making kids happy with presents or be nice to our fellow man. It’s ironic that people who don’t believe in God will have no problem getting a gift and celebrating Jesus’ birth. But, they will find ways to discredit His birth. They will use the talk of “Christmas Spirit.” That’s fine even though it is erroneous. If we explore what they mean when they say “Christmas Spirit” (from a secular point of view) they are saying being nice to one another. In fact, Jesus talked about that point. In Matt 22:37-40, Jesus says, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.” We look to be kind and love our neighbor year round…not just doing a season.

      Point 3. Christmas is based on the foundation of lies. I image you’re referring to the devil when you said “Father of Lies.” I can’t agree with you on that one. Simply re-read my previous points and you’ll see that if Christians and unbelievers alike look at Christmas for what it is meant to be, our lives would be different. I can’t see how or why the devil would want us celebrating the event that leads to his defeat. I can believe he’s in on or led the effort to have everyone, Christians included, into forgetting what Jesus’ birth meant.

      In closing, I believe Jesus would want us to continue to preach, teach and talk about His birth. He would want us to talk about why He came to earth, our relationship with God and our Christian walk. He would want us to give presents out on Christmas, well He would probably want us to give presents out everyday. The present He’d want us to give is His word and the promise for eternal life with God.

      Again, thanks for the questions and comments because they were enough to get any of our readers to think about Christmas. I hope I’ve helped you some.

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