Mahatma (Insert curse word) Gandhi!

No cursing
No cursing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Instead of saying, “God dam***,” say, Gandhi dam***.  Or, say Allah dam**.  Or, ok you get the point.  Why is it ok to use our Lord’s name in vain? Obviously I’m not trying to insult these other people. But it’s certainly insulting when people uses our Lord as a curse word.

However, you can see the silliness and disrespect in using our Lord’s name in such a reckless and disrespectful manner.

Some people feel it’s ok to say “Jesus” for everything.  Some use it to voice displeasure.  “Jesus, Tommy. Why did you do that?”  Another uses the Lord’s name at the peak of sexual arousal.  Of course, they might just be saying “god” instead of God.  Regardless, this isn’t a good thing.  The list goes on.

Does it sound a bit odd to replace our Savior’s name with someone elses’ when using it in an expletive?  It should.  Kindly remind people that if they’re going to use God or Jesus’ name…do it with reverence not mockery or indecency.

In His Grip


2 thoughts on “Mahatma (Insert curse word) Gandhi!

  1. Yves, this was a great and timely article. All too often we here people swearing and using the lord’s name in vain. I enjoy reading your work, keep up the good work. Please give my regards to Jennifer, hope all is well with you guys and are enjoying AZ.

    Herman Phelt

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