Using Your Influence

A few days ago I received this notification from LinkedIn.  LinkedinI immediately took it as a spoof, spam or junk.  Whatever it’s called.  I haven’t and nor will I investigate this message from LinkedIn since I think it’s a marketing ploy.  Ok, on to more important matters.

It just occurred to me that,”What if my profile was one of LinkedIn’s top 5% searched profiles? How can I leverage that traffic to spreading the Gospel of Christ?”

I’m not good at public math so I need your help.  Let’s see, 5% of 200 million is…er…carry the 1 and then…It’s at least 8 people.  I told you I’m not good at math!

Ok, seriously.  What message do I want people to see?  I want to be like the Apostle Paul.  He was his message.  He lived his message.  More so, I want to be like Jesus.  He is the message.

I hope I can influence you to do share Christ.  I hope you’ll share with at least 5% of the people you come in contact with for the rest of the month.  You can be “greedy” and keep sharing with as many people as you can.  I’m certain God won’t mind.

Last thoughts. People are viewing your profile (your lifestyle outside of church). What message are they reading?  What message are you exhibiting?  I pray you’re exhibiting the message of our Lord and Savior.

I hope you are truly reaching your “share” of the billions of people on earth.  If not billions, then I pray you’re reaching the people who God has placed in your life.  Show them Jesus.  I hope people see Christ when they are “searching your profile.”  Those numbers are way more important that a simple LinkedIn search.  Bless you.

In His grip…

6 thoughts on “Using Your Influence

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