‘Djesus Uncrossed’ On ‘SNL’ Spoofs Tarantino In Christ Revenge Fantasy

djesus (Photo credit: walt74)

Christians, when is enough, enough?  When do we stand up and say, “Stop!?”  Below is the link to a skit by Saturday Night Live (SNL).  I want to warn you that the way Christ is depicted.  I’d like to know your thoughts about this video. Also, please take my poll after you look at the video.

I realize those who do not like Christians, are unbelievers or feel they’re Spiritual will not see anything wrong with it.  It’s funny that the standard practice to portray Christ in a demeaning manner.  How often do you see this done to other religious leaders?

Think on the many things we’ve discussed.  They’ve ranged to accepting things that we aren’t supposed to; changing Scripture to fit our need rather than God’s intention; living a life of love, etc.  We need to stand up and let our voices be heard.  I look forward to your comments.

Here’s the link. Please let me know your thoughts and don’t forget to help me with this poll.  Thanks.


5 thoughts on “‘Djesus Uncrossed’ On ‘SNL’ Spoofs Tarantino In Christ Revenge Fantasy

  1. My concern isn’t the portrail of Jesus in a negative way…my concern is that such subjects receive more and more attention because of “surveys”. Ask the question: other than causing petpetual attention to the very thing that abhors you what is accomplished? There is so much injustice that deserves our focus…why spend time on this…Jesus doesn’t need our defense; after all, He’ll take this and still be glorified. Doubt me? Facebook has been full of comments about how this video is a great teaching tool to discuss forgiveness, combat violence on TV etc. This topic had no goal that will change lives.

  2. Tom, thanks for taking the time to respond. I had think hard on how I would respond because I don’t want to sound like I’m belittling or dismissive. My intention is not to do either one but the written word some times can be taken out of context. Ironically, that’s how I took your response.

    Our thoughts are polar opposites. That can be a good thing. Hopefully, what God has purposed you to do and to engage in is changing lives. That will be awesome for the body of Christ. We all can’t come from the same mold. I’m from the stripe that “surveys” or surveys serve a purpose. Consequentially, that’s why I made this “survey.”

    I like your question and I might ask it after I gather the data from this “survey.” Currently, your suggested question is not what I’m seeking to address. The purpose of this poll or “survey” is to find out what Christians think about the skit. It’s no different from the many Christians that were polled and stated why the world would come to an end if President Obama were re-elected. (I’m really paraphrasing)

    You say, “There is so much injustice…Jesus doesn’t need our defense.” You’re absolutely correct. On the flip side, that’s like saying “Don’t say anything about anything geared towards Christianity. If you do, you’ll bring attention to us. We can’t verbalize our feelings and thoughts.” I don’t subscribe to that. I believe Christians have a voice and a voice that needs to be heard. If I, or we (Christians), don’t address what’s presently in the news, we might just be waiting for “the thing” to address forever. It kind of reminds me of the old story about the farmer who wanted to buy a new car. He kept going to the dealership each year…for 20 years. Finally, the dealer said, “Paul, you come in here every year but you never buy anything. Why is that?” The farmer replied, “I want to buy the newest car. But when I finally pick one out, another car comes out. So, I’ll never get a new car. My car will always be old because they just keep building new ones.” Yeah, it’s corny and old but it illustrates a point. Either you pick something or you don’t. Or, as the saying goes, “You stand for something or fall for everything.” I choose to engage in issues. I choose to address them and help my fellow Christians understand them and engage them. God purposed you for one thing. He purposed me for another. For nearly 20 years, I have addressed controversial as well as mundane issues. Like my book, it addresses things we don’t want to talk about. This might be nonsense to some people but it’s a part of my mission. (We can go off-line and go deeper into this…I don’t want this to get into one of the “Holy roller” type of conversation) 🙂 One other thing. What injustices do you suggest we address? If you’re starting a push on something, please let me know. If it’s within the things God wants me to do…I’m there! (Not grammatically correct but it does have a nice little emphasis to it).

    Doubt you? Never said it or thought that. I haven’t checked into the Facebook comments on the subject. I’m sure they’re lively.

    “This topic had no goal that will change lives.” I disagree with your assessment. I’m not sure how you can say that. What metrics are you using? Or is this a gut feeling? If so, your comments about not serving any purpose could be said about your feeling. Are you saying we should go off gut feeling instead of gathering information? Or are you saying that you disagree with my questions and that’s why it doesn’t make a difference? Or are you saying, don’t address things that are controversial? Or are you saying engaging in these conversations don’t do anything and we should only work on helping the poor and missionaries? I’m not trying to be funny. I’m really serious on this. Your stance seems hard and strong and I’d like to know what you mean before I give a more detailed reply.

    Admittedly, I’ve encountered many Christians who never want to engage controversial topics. Some others like to talk about these subjects in confined and secure places where only Christians talk (the Church). I believe Christians are built to be controversial (think about picking up your cross and what that means). I think talking about this issue can help embolden other Christians to publicly express their beliefs. This could be in the area of voting with their pocketbook or simple as telling people that our Lord and Savior shouldn’t be portrayed in demeaning manner.

    I intend on continuing to speak on, about and for Christian issues. One other point. If this subject “This topic had no goal that will change lives,” please inform me on which subjects we should be engaged in that changes lives. I’d like to read what you’ve said or did in those areas. I think your information could help me…no, make that Christians out a whole lot. Think about that for a moment. Christians uniting to help the world and fellow Christians out. I know God would be pleased. I supposed that’s why He made us different so we would address different things. While doing so, the collective power of our love in doing things for God will bless so many lives.

    Again, thanks for taking the time to comment and vote. Please do follow up on the information so that we can clarify our thoughts, even if we disagree.


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