The Devil Made Me Do It – Not (Part 3)

Matt 4:4; Luke 4:4.  

Satan asked Jesus to do something that was within His powers.  He, more than anyone on earth, knew of Jesus’ powers.  He tried to get Jesus to display power that was not needed.  In fact, Satan was tempting Jesus to do something that wasn’t in the plan.  He wanted Jesus to display His might and power before the set time.  Jesus didn’t come to do parlor shop tricks.  No, He came to save humanity.  In some respects, Jesus gave His first sermon to Satan.  Jesus came from Deuteronomy 8:3.  He would soon expand the meaning of bread.  In John 6:35   Jesus said, “I’m the bread of life.” Satan wouldn’t be in his predicament if had wanted the bread of life instead of his own bread of glory.  Luke’s account differs a little from the Apostle Matthew’s.  Luke 4:3 say, “If you are the Son of God.”  Satan knew that Jesus was the Son of God.  Why would he say something as ridiculous as that?  This illustrates how silly some lies are.  Satan was putting forth lies to the Truth.  It’s hard to sillier than that.  He knew of the power of his Creator but tried to temp Jesus any ways.  Jesus created the earth and everything in it.  Changing a rock to bread would be simple.  Ironically, Jesus is the Rock of our salvation and the Chief cornerstone!

Your goal is to know the Word of God.  If you don’t take the whole council of God, you could be going down the wrong word.  We must be aware of someone altering the Word in order to suit their needs.  A fine example of this is what I call the Half-verse Christians. You might have heard someone say, “I can do all things!”  Well, we can do this.  However, the rest of the Scripture says, “through Christ who strengthens me.”  We can’t be half-verse Christians.   Don’t just say the part you want.  You want to live by the entire Word!

This is part 3 of a 6 part series on Jesus’ encounter with Satan in the wilderness.  The majority of this text has been taken from my upcoming book, A Walk With Jesus Through Bible.



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