7 Statements From the Cross – Statement 7

Statement 7: “It is finished” (see John 19:28-30). 

Jesus, the co-creator of earth, our savior and Lord, uttered three history altering words. He said, “It is finished.”

From an earthly position, anyone hearing those words would think He had simply died.  Yet, it was all part of the plan.  Those words signaled a change in all of life.  He took on our sins.  The days of animal offering were no longer needed.  We had the perfect sacrifice to atone for our sins on the cross.  Those three little words let us know that Jesus has taken care of our future.  We now have the ability to have a relationship with God.  We no longer have to go through a priest.  Jesus is our High Priest and He intercedes on our behalf to God.

If you have not surrendered your life to Christ…today is the day.  Today is the day your can let the Devil know, “It’s finished.”  Give your life to God today.  I must warn you that giving your life to Christ does not automatically mean you’ll have a care-free life.  The difference is you’ll have Jesus empowering you to live a holy life.

I encourage you to find yourself a bible-centered and Holy Spirit filled church to be a part of.  I also encourage you to spend time in reading the bible each day.  Also, spend time in prayer, not just for yourself but for others also.

These past 6 lessons revealed how much Jesus loved us.  Now, show Him how much you love Him.  You can do that by learning about Him and sharing that knowledge with others.  This week is “Holy Week.”  Walk like Christ so the world will see Him daily.  Reflect on His sacrifice and His love for you.





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