The 5-Minute Prayer Challenge

Just Five
Just Five (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

How’s your prayer life?  Have you read the paper lately?  Or, have you seen any news paper articles on the internet?  If you have, you will see there is a need for prayer.

Some people say, “I’m not a prayer warrior.”  Folks, we all are called to be prayer warriors.  This is simply you call for you to pray when you see a need.  As a minister, my prayers are any better than yours.  We need everyone to pray.

What is prayer?  It’s simply a time for you to talk to God and hear from God.

The title of my post includes the word “challenge.”  I’m really talking about encouraging you to spend some time in prayer.  Here are some suggestion you can pray about:

  1. The moral decline of society
  2. The normalization of sin.  Remember, if God says it is a sin…it’s a sin.  We don’t change the standard (God’s word) to meet our standard.  No, we change to meet the standard set by Scripture
  3. The unwillingness of Christians to speak out against sin
  4. The willingness of Christians to capitulate to sin because of (1) their fear of offending the sinner (2) their lack of understanding of what the bible says about the sin (3) their lack of solid foundation
  5. Parents of Autistic children…their strength, patience and guidance
  6. Parents to truly lead and guide their children.  Perhaps some of the childhood crime and sexual activity will decrease
  7. The homeless
  8. Your unsaved office workers
  9. Your unsaved family members
  10. Marriage
  11. The victims of the sex trade industry and the persecution of their captors
  12. The beautiful children waiting to be adopted.  In particular, the older children.  I’m told they are less likely to be adopted.  Also, they don’t have an attachment with anyone and a large portion of them turn to a life of crime (note: This info is from a briefing in Tucson, we weren’t told the Nation-wide numbers)

I recall a little quote I learned in High School.  It goes like this, “If it is to be it is up to me.”  Will you join me and increase your prayer life to at least 5 minutes a day for the month of April?  Well, I really hope you make prayer a life style.  Think back on our discussion on Lip Service vs. Life Service.  Make this your life service.



5 thoughts on “The 5-Minute Prayer Challenge

  1. I always give thanks for my day, my family and friends, and hope that He keeps these blessings safe. Then I give thanks for your number one…which I have failth, helps, even though I can’t see it, I know the world needs help, we need peace, less hate. Great post here my friend.

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