The Devil Made Me Do It – Not (Conclusion)

These Scriptures we have reviewed over the last few weeks indicate the devil has a knowledge of Scripture.  There is a distinct difference from knowing Scripture and obeying Scripture.  There are endless examples of Christians knowing the Scripture but not following it. For example, the bible doesn’t condone pre-marital sex.  If you are or were a person who committed this sin, you were disobeying God.  Scripture is not a debatable thing.  The majority “feelings” doesn’t rule. The bible is the majority.  Likewise, you would be out of line with Scripture if you condone your family or friends participating in this behavior.  Scripture encourages you to advise everyone of what they’re doing wrong.  It’s your responsibility to let your brother or sister in Christ know they’re doing things against the Word of God.

We can draw 3 from these Scriptures.  First, you will be tempted by the devil.  This isn’t a possibility but a reality.  It’s not if but when.  Second, you must know what the Scripture says.  More importantly, you must know what it means.  If not, you can be tricked into doing something wrong although you think you’re doing right.  Third, obey the Scripture.  This will ensure you’re on the right path.

This is concludes our 6 part series on Jesus’ encounter with Satan in the wilderness.  The majority of this text has been taken from my upcoming book, A Walk With Jesus Through Bible.


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