Keep Praying!

Perhaps you’ve heard the saying, “Actions speaks louder than words.”  This saying is embodied in the following verse.

Matt 9:2.  “Seeing their faith” a man is forgiven of his sins.  Notice Jesus didn’t say the man was healed because of his faith.  No, this man was healed because of the other people faith.  We don’t know what type of sin this man was forgiven of.  We do know that despite his sin, he was forgiven.  A contemporary saying is, “God can’t bless you in your mess.” Obviously isn’t portrayed in this event.  We should be encouraged to continue to pray for people we know are outside the will of God.  His hands aren’t too short that He can’t reach down and touch their lives.  Our job is to continue to pray.

Your actions will go a long way in showing people the love of God.  Prayerfully, you are using your opportunities to not only tell people about Christ but you are leading them to Christ.

Keep praying my friend…keep bringing people to Christ through your love and actions



3 thoughts on “Keep Praying!

  1. Nice site Yves!! I try to spend an hour a day in prayer and boy once you start there is more and more to pray for–especially people like the Boston massecre terrorists, but we must forgive even them to be forgiven ourselves. I’m lucky enough to feel the actual prensence of the Holy Spirit in my chest around my heart–the most wonderful feeling I’ve ever felt–making me know that truly God is always within us–but I’m preaching to the choir .:)

    1. Micki,
      Preach on. It’s my hope and desire more people are led to pray more often. If you’re only praying for 5 minutes right now…praise God. See if you can go for 5 minutes and 30 seconds. The more we pray and study the stronger we will become. Thanks for your comments. They were uplifting.

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