Let’s Pray

gss-130520-tornadoes-plains-mn-04.380;380;7;70;0Christians, my blog often talk of prayer.  I do the same thing on my FB post.  Prayer is an essential part of the Christian lifestyle.

Today another major natural disaster has struck.  I often say that you can look in the paper and find something to pray for.  Today, we yet another reason to pray.  Lets pray now for our family, friends and neighbors devastated by the 2-mile wide Tornado.


4 thoughts on “Let’s Pray

  1. It is so easy to forgot to pray for others but often we seek prayer for ourselves. Thank you for sending out this reminder that we need to pray for those who were and are still affected by this devasting tornordo system

      1. Greetings Yves, it should not take a natural disaster to make us all come together in prayer, but sometimes that is what it takes for a spiritual awakening. Thank you for leading this and let’s hope we do not have too many disasters this year. Good to see a posting from you by the way.


      2. Hi Randy,
        I agree with you 100%. In fact, we were talking about this in bible study. It appears the general public is willing to have prayers in times of tragedy. However, this isn’t the case when things settle down. Yet, prayer is an integral part of the Christian life.

        Thanks for your kind comments…I appreciate it.


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