Lack Nothing!

Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. James 1:4

James doesn’t just hype them up. He tells them the results of their endurance.  He lets them know they will “be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.”  This is the message that today’s Christian must remember.

The Greek word James uses for complete is Holokleros.  This means: (long version) “That which retains all which was allotted to it at the first, wanting nothing for its completeness, bodily, mental and more entireness it expresses the perfection of man before the fall.”[1]  Another way of saying this is: Free from sin.  What can we get from this?  It shows us that James issued them a strong challenge.  He started off his message by telling them to flee sin!  Our message to both the saved and unsaved should do no less.

God will put you into situations to mature you.  Don’t look at your situations as problems.  Try looking at them as challenges and new opportunities.  God might just be pruning you.  He might be getting ready to take you to a higher level.  Stay the course…finish the race.  Stay strong.

Following Christ!

Note:  This is a small excerpt from my upcoming book, Maturing In Christ: Lessons From James.  It’s tentatively expected to be released in the middle of September 2013.

[1] Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible, (Chattanooga: AMG Publishers, 1977), pp 1860


4 thoughts on “Lack Nothing!

    1. Hi Carl,
      The short answer is that as you continue to stand and stay in the Word (Scriptures), you’ll become more and more cleansed. Or put another way, you’ll become more holy. Give me a call and we can go more into it.

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