What Name Do You Call God?

God the Father 21
God the Father 21 (Photo credit: Waiting For The Word)

Many people say they love God and are willing to give their life for Him.  Yet, do they know Him?  Do you know Him? Is He your Abba?  What is an Abba?

It seems like when we first start out on our Christian journey, we are so hungry and eager to learn as much as we can about Christ.  Yet, we sometimes tend to slow down.

If you were going to purchase a car or house, would you read all the documents? If you had to prepare a presentation at your school or job, wouldn’t you put a lot of time in to ensure the quality is good?  Wouldn’t you want to know as much about the subject you will speak on?  Of course you would.  If we would do that for something that will not last for eternity, then we should put a lot of time in to those things that have eternal significance.

In the spirit of what we just said, I have a one question for you.  Well, there are a few clarification points but it’s one simple question nonetheless.  Read the question and then think about it for a minute or so.

Question: Do you read your bible often?  What is often?  Every day.  Every week?  When the Pastor is speaking?  Just before bible study?

Take time this week to learn more about our Father.  The time you spend in quiet reflection and study will help you out immeasurably.  Let me know what Abba means.  Then let me know what it means to you.


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