Courage To Stand

1010547_10151668597111530_1366663692_nThe subject of Same Sex marriage is sensitive.  I was at a Bible study where we had a long discussion on this topic.  It appeared to me that wires kept getting crossed.  The issue isn’t whether we should love homosexuals.  The issue is Christians believe marriage is one man one woman.  Some brought in issues of a loved one being homosexual.  Our stance shouldn’t change because someone we love is homosexual.  It’s akin to Christians saying stealing is okay since we have a relative who steals.  I hope you’re encouraged to stand on your principles while showing the hallmark of the Christian life – love.  Yet, love doesn’t mean compromising our beliefs to accept things counter to our beliefs.

Keep the faith…live the Christian life!

2 thoughts on “Courage To Stand

  1. Amen. We as Christians often forget that we must worship God in Spirit and truth. If we don’t uphold God’s truth the who will. Take a stand for Jesus not man…

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