Outside The Wire: Every Man’s Guide To Spiritual Warfare

OTW Cover 6Great news!  My second book is nearly completed!! It’s only three weeks away from being released.

Ladies–want to help the men in your life to strengthen their Christian walk? Buy a pre-sale copy of my new book on men and Spiritual Warfare at http://christismysaviorministries.org/purchasing.html

Or, you can wait for the publication date. I’m giving a 15% discount code for the first 100 buyers. Additionally, I’ll provide 20% discount for bulk orders of 4 or more.

Men…this book is designed to help you in your walk with Christ.  It includes a workbook also.

Here’s a little about my book.

Everyday there is a war going on. We often forget that we are in an ongoing spiritual battle. Satan is doing everything he can to stop us from being the Christians we should be. It’s easy to get lulled into a comfortable lifestyle, yet, this would be a grave error.  “Outside the wire” is a term that lets a deployed military member know that he will be leaving from the relatively safe confines of the military base.   Some Christians feel strong and empowered while in church but struggle when they are outside the church (outside the wire).

Men, we must be prepared to fight not just for ourselves, but for our loved ones also.  We must be on alert to the evil the devil puts in front of us.  In this book, we’ll explore many areas where the devil will tempt you to live less than Christ-like.

Click here to get some more information.  Thanks for all of your support.

Order your pre-sale copy of this soon-to-be release book today.  Outside The Wire is expected to be published on August 20, 2013. Today you can get your copy for only $11.00!  The price will be $15 once it’s published.   I’ll provide a pre-publication PDF version of the book to everyone who purchase two or more copies.

In His grip…

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