Radio Interview: Yves Johnson

There_Is_No_Gray_In__Cover_for_KindleHello everyone,

Please check out my radio interview with Living Joyfully Free Radio! when you get a chance.


4 thoughts on “Radio Interview: Yves Johnson

  1. Hello Yves, congratulations on your interview. Continue spreading the gospel and advancing the KIngdom.

  2. Excellent, Excellent Interview.

    I had no idea that you were formally Catholic!?
    And that you moved from that due to “Reading the Bible for yourself”. That is a huge testament to your love of God and your commitment!
    I continue to grow in my respect for you…

    Carl Williamson

    1. Carl, thank you for the feedback. My comments weren’t meant to degrade Catholics. I simply wasn’t growing. My life changed when I heard the Baptist preacher say, “The reason I have job is because you’re (the congregation) too lazy to read the bible for yourself.” It was a watershed moment. Again, thanks.

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