You Didn’t Recognize Jesus Either

John 1:29 NLT, John saw Jesus coming toward him and said, “Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world! 

John either exclaimed or proclaimed, “Look! The Lamb of God…world!”  He goes on to say, “He is the one I was talking about.”  John says something that I think many of us sometimes miss when we read the entire story.  He says, “I did not recognize Him as the Messiah.”  These words are coming from the person heralded as the greatest man born unto a woman.  John had the Holy Spirit upon him prior to his birth. Well, Scripture shows that he had the Holy Spirit while he was in the womb!

Baptized in Jordan River
Random Person About To Be Baptized in Jordan River

If this man, this Holy Spirit-led man can miss the mark.  So can we.  Let’s be a little more tolerant of those who still do not recognize Jesus as Lord.  They will, in time.  After all, Scripture says, “at the name of Jesus every knee will bow  (Phil 2:10, NASB).

Side barJohn the Baptizer didn’t charge people to be baptized in the Jordan River.  Today, it cost money and it is highly commercialized.  This  picture gives you a view of what one area of the Jordan River looks like now…well, at the place where many are baptized yearly.  Be wary of people or ministers who charge you for being baptized.

We are to be a herald of the Gospel to the people we know.  I often tell congregations Your Mission Field1 they are the key to bringing Christ to their circle of influence.  The pastor can’t  be everywhere.  God placed you in your job for several reasons.  Two of those reasons are to exhibit Christ-like behavior and show love to those people.  Consequentially, wherever you are you are in your mission field.  The figure on your right is what I call “Your ‘Mission Field‘”.  It’s not all inclusive but it should provide you with an idea where God can use you. Your family is the center of your ministry and it branches out to casual friends through Social Media.  Your influence is at its strongest in the center and weakest at the outer rings.  Nevertheless, you have influence on all the rings so…help them to see Jesus.

As Christians, our goal is to be Kingdom builders (helping to show people the way to Christ).  This is a great privilege.  We want people to see the “Lamb of God.”

In His grip


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