Sending Confusing Messages

Mixed Message?It’s doubtful an unaware individual will learn about our Lord through osmosis.  That person needs you to show them the way life should be lived – Christ like.  Lets look at Social Media for a moment.  Perhaps you’ve seen people post wonderful things about Jesus on their Facebook page.  Later you see vile, vulgar and downright unChrist-like things on their posts.

Is that a conflict?  Will those conflicting post confuse people who don’t have Christ in their lives?  Maybe.  One thing is certain: Those people’s “light” looks a little dimmer.

We can either dismiss them or engage them to show them the better way.  Lets choose to help them see the Light and encourage them to show their light for God.  John’s sole purpose was to be the herald of Jesus.  He was the forerunner. Just like John, we should be herald of Jesus’ message.  A great way to do that is to live the way our Savior tells us to. This will help them to see Jesus.  Recently, I shared a post I thought was great.  It had some uplifting things on it.  I didn’t look at who had originated it.  A brother in Christ contacted me to tell me how offensive the source was.  I went back to the post and realized the source, with all the vulgarities that it espoused, wasn’t something I wanted to be associated with.  If my brother didn’t say anything to me, I would’ve we aligning myself with something that I shouldn’t have.  Like you, I don’t want my good to be evil spoken of (Romans 14:16).

Another example of confusion happened when Pope Francis stated “who am I to judge gays?” The rest of the video interview clarifies the Pope’s stance.  The Pope’s stance was once someone sins and then confesses and repents, God forgives.  He didn’t say that now Catholicism embraces homosexuality.   We can’t judge anyone else’s sin either.  However, we are commanded to admonish our brother who is in sin (1 Tim 5:2; 2 Tim 4:2).  Some people either hide behind or misinterpret judging, condemning and admonishing.  We can’t do either of the first two things.  We must speak out against sin.  Other people will look and find anything they can to justify their stance.  The world needs to know our Lord.  The way we speak and live can help reduce the confusion.

Remember, we’re about Kingdom building (helping to show people the way to Christ).  This is a great privilege.  Let’s continue to stay true to Scriptures and continue to strengthen our brothers.  Prayerfully our life actions and words will help people to see that the only way to live is to live for Christ.  We want people to see the “Lamb of God.” Let’s represent our Lord in our daily lives.

In His grip….


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