The Government Might Shut Down but God Won’t Shut You Out

1_photoToday is Day 3 of the U.S. government shutdown.  This horrible situation has divided the Nation. It has effected just about every sector of our society.  One thing we’ve learned is that man can and will fail us.  Our hearts goes out to our family and friends who have been effected by this event.

Join me in prayer that they stay strong and committed.  Let’s pray that this situation is resolved quickly and that they don’t come into financial ruin.

Brothers and sisters, God will not leave your nor will He forsake you.  I’m sure all of the followers of this blog join me in prayer for you and your families.



As I was writing this post, I learned that the U.S. Capital is on (as the Media says) “lockdown.”  Currently, we don’t know why this is happening. We don’t know if this resulted from the government shutdown or what. We do know we can and should pray for our fellow Americans as they deal with this.

Everyone, please pray for the people in this area and that this situation is quickly resolved without further injuries.


3 thoughts on “The Government Might Shut Down but God Won’t Shut You Out

  1. Hey Yves, great post in light of the situation. Encouraging and inspiring us during this ordeal. In times like these, we need to be in prayer more and hold on to God’s promise that he will never leave us or forsake us. Thanks!

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