A Tattooed Jesus: Your Thoughts

Random picture from www. Uncertain of author.

I image you’ve probably seen the Tattooed Jesus pictures.  Have you seen the video?  What are your thoughts about this? Is it blasphemous?  Is this another attempt by an unbelieving world to disgrace our Lord and Savior?

Should Christians address this issue? If so, how should we address it? Let me know your thoughts.  Mine might not be what you think….

4 thoughts on “A Tattooed Jesus: Your Thoughts

  1. I don’t see this picture or video as Blashemous. The intent of the Gospel is clearly indicated by the designers/authors and the message is just the one that Jesus offers “Come as you are and I will transform you …”; “ … How sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me …”.
    Tattoos are still seen as the markings of a prisoner or a biker … or a mutilation of the Lord’s Temple. We have to learn to move past our impressions and our indoctrination, and focus on the “content of one’s character”. I would squint my eyes trying to see Godis influence and presence, rather than finding fault in every perspective that doesn’t match our own.

  2. Carl…great points. I feel the exact same way. I’d like to add more to your comments but…I think you nailed it. I’ve send some “presentations” that were way off-base. This one is a little clever. I think it will work well with Millenniums in particular. I wish I could find a way to add this to my November conference.

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