30 Day Spiritual Challenge – Week 3

Random picture from www. Uncertain of author.

We’re almost over the hump.  We’re starting week 3.  How are you doing so far!?!?!

Week 3 – The Evangelist Challenge.  This week you’re to find at least 2 people you can share your faith.  I’m not talking about standing on a street corner with a bullhorn and saying the world will be ending in a few hours.  Rather, I encourage you to simply engage in a conversation with a non-Christian.  If and only if you’re lead by the Spirit (that’s a churchy saying) to engage in this conversation.  You don’t have to say, “According to Luke chapter 2 and 12, you should be….”  No, that wouldn’t work.  Simply talk about how you live for Christ.  Let the person know what Christians believe on various subjects.

Our goal is to “win them for Christ.”  With this as an underlying theme, remember this: God’s message doesn’t change…the delivery method might.  For example, our movers were discussing about their spouses.  He said, “My wife XYZ.”  He later said, “Well, she’s not my wife but we act like it and we do everything as a family.”  What would you say if you were asked, “Do you think it’s right to have sex outside of marriage?” Would you tell him/her that, “I believe…..”  Let me know what you’d say and how your walk is coming along.

Stay strong


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