30 Day Spiritual Challenge – Week 4

Unknown author of picture from WWW

Well, this is the last week.  I hope you’ve stuck with me so far.

Week 4 – The Closeness Challenge.  These past three weeks you’ve challenged yourself a bit.  You’ve taken the focus of your prayer life off yourself some and started praying for others.  You’ve seen how you can pray for people throughout the world.  Now, this week you’re changing your focus once again.  You’ll spend at least 1 minute in silence.  Ask the Lord to show you how you’re living.  Ask Him to inform you on how you’re doing or what you should be doing.  Take this time to draw closer to our Father.

I know what you’re thinking.  You’re saying, “Yves, we were supposed to go over the “Worldview Challenge.”  You’re right.  However, I thought it would be best if we focus a little more on your prayer life.

Let me know how you’re doing.  I hope you see a discernible change in your thoughts process and actions.  I hope your worldview becomes even more Christ-like.  We can do this!  Let’s be impactful for the Kingdom.



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