Yves Johnson’s Book Launch

BookCoverPreviewWell the day is finally here.  Help me with the launch of my second book, Outside The Wire: Every Man’s Guide For Spiritual Warfare.

Please order your copy today at a substantial discount. Get your copy at https://www.createspace.com/4337643

Use this code for your discount: N86GAGLV

I’ll give you an additional discount for orders of 5, 10, 15+.

Although I wrote the book for men, the information is applicable to all Christians. Ladies, get the men in your life this book! It’ll revolutionize his thinking and help strengthen his walk with God. Men, you need this book. It’ll help you fend off temptation and encourage you to be the man God intended you to be.

I’m really excited about this book. I definitely could use your help in getting the message out about my book launch.  Please share, tweet, etc. with everyone you know.




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