Don’t Beat Them Into Christianity!

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In the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who will judge the living and the dead, and in view of his appearing and his kingdom, I give you this charge: Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction. 2 Tim 4:1-2

In this text the Apostle Paul is talking to Timothy, his protegé. Interestingly, Paul re-emphasises what he’s already has said.  He uses “Kerusso” to emphasis to Timothy the responsibility that he now has.  Timothy is taking on the esteemed role of pastor.  He’s also is to share the Gospel.  Just like Timothy, we all need to be heralds of the Gospel.  We all need to proclaim its message in words and deeds. Some call this lifestyle evangelism.

Paul tells Timothy to be prepared at all times (in season and out of season). We must be prepared to speak and show Christ’s love and lifestyle to both believers and unbelievers alike.   You’ll notice Paul re-emphases his words from 2 Tim 3:16-17.  To relay this in today’s terms of, we have to be patient with people.  We have to show them how to live Christ like.  In doing this, we must not compromise our values in order to appease them.  People will see the duplicity of our actions. That’s why we must be consistent and steadfast in our walk with Christ.  As Paul says, we must correct our Christian brothers and sister when they’re going off the right path.  We must do this in a loving manner.

I’m certain many of you didn’t become the Christian you are overnight.  It takes time.  Well, it did for me and I still don’t have it correct.  It appears to me that people want Grace and Mercy given to them quickly but they are not as swift to give Grace and Mercy.  Let’s be very liberal in giving out grace and mercy to everyone.

Now go out there and show the world how Christians truly are.


3 thoughts on “Don’t Beat Them Into Christianity!

  1. Pastor,

    What values should be carry and espouse? How do we prepare in and out of Season? How can we build trust with others in a patient and positive way.
    Your thoughts?

    1. Carl,

      You pose a great question. The list is pretty big. A quick way saying this is: Our values and worldview should Christ like (20K ft view).

      How does one get or maintain a Christ-like view? Studying and reading our bible. Also, by letting our “Iron be sharpened iron” by and with other believers (pretty general).

      More specifically, do our actions match up with align up with what we espouse. Do we tell those “White lies,” cheat on our taxes, use language that we wouldn’t use in church, are we the best employee at work or the one no one wants to work with? Obviously, those are just some of the off the top of my head questions.

      God is love and holy. We must be also. We don’t learn more about Christ if don’t invest time and energy into reading His word as well as praying. This will help us to carry and espouse our values. We can’t espouse something we don’t know.

      While this doesn’t necessary align itself with this article, it’s worth mentioning. There are some Christians espousing things as “Christian” that aren’t. Some time back I was in Ecuador. My instructor told me that “It’s ok to have a mistress as long as you can take care of her.” Did this catch my attention? Most definitely. He actually thought this “right” was in the bible. I had to show this well-educated man the truth. That’s a low hanging fruit example that many would find easy to tackle. Yet, there as so many more (sex before marriage, tithing, Gay marriage, etc). Those things some Christians won’t tackle out of fear of hurting a family member or friend. Or they don’t talk about those issues because they simply don’t know.

      How can we build trust with others? I think it goes back to “God is love.” Many years ago I was taught Christians can’t be friends with non-Christians. That didn’t sit too well with me. As I studied Scriptures more, I saw how Jesus interacted with individuals shunned by Judaism. This coupled with His command, to “Go ye” led me to realize those teachings were wrong. After all, how can we show people Christ if we show them hatred. Please understand that I’m being a little general since I’m doing a quick response to the blog. I don’t remember who said this but I think it’s appropriate: “No one cares how much you know until they know you care.” Jesus summed up the Commandments by saying we must love God (not just some but all) and love others as our neighbors.

      If you’d like, I can ask more specific questions.


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