Happy Birthday Santa

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Suppose today is your birthday.  I imagine your family and friends will wish you well and give you presents. How would you feel if you were ignored on your birthday?  That wouldn’t be a good thing.  Unlike you and I, Christ doesn’t receive any presents on His birthday.  In fact, many people really don’t commemorate the occasion.  Yet, His birth was the most important birth in history.  Even now, He’s often ignored on the day we celebrate as His birth date.

I would encourage you to look and notice whose faces and images you see more of during the Christmas season.  The commercialization of Christmas seems to get more ridiculous each year.  Help keep Christ in Christmas.  The fictitious characters of Santa Claus, Rudolph, and Frosty are simply commercialized Christmas. It’s more of a “Buy-mas” than Christmas. Many people want their children to “believe” in the fantasy of Santa while not teaching them about Christ.

Unknown author of picture from WWW

Christmas is less than one month away.  Lets use this time to talk about the true meaning of Christmas.  Here are some conversation starters:

  • I’m glad we celebrate Christ’s birthday.  I was wondering why you celebrate His birthday?
  • Since Christmas is about Christ, why do we celebrate everyone but Him?
  • How does Santa Claus relate to Christmas?
  • Why are we getting presents on Christ’s birthday?
  • What is the meaning of Christmas?  Is it to buy presents or be thankful for God’s gift to the world?

It’s ironic how Atheistic and unbelievers will celebrate Christmas but don’t want to recognize Christ and the meaning of Christmas.  Let’s ensure we teach our family and friends about the real meaning of Christmas.  The warm stories and time spent with family is great.  However, if we take out or forget Christ then we aren’t celebrating Christmas.  We’re just hanging out with family and friends and sharing presents.  This year give the best gifts to your loved ones.  Give them the knowledge of Christ since He really is the reason for the season.  Sorry Santa your gifts are temporary while His is eternal!


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