The Last Dash

Years ago I read a book by Bishop T.D Jakes.  He talked about “in between the dashes.”  For nearly a decade and a half I’ve pondered those words.  I often try to relate to my fellow Christians that we only have a limited amount of time to do what God has called us to do.  Recently, I flew across the States to assist in a Home-going ceremony.  I’d like to briefly share some of the words with you that I provided the family and friends.  I pray the help you also.

Our lives should be marked by several things.  Today, we’ll only talk about two of those things.  First your life should be one of sacrificial love.  Jesus embodied sacrificial love.  In John 15:13, we read the words, “No greater love….life.”  Let your life’s history reflect this type of love.  Sacrifice your current lifestyle to one that is Christ-Centered.  You’ll find you’ll have a better life and you’ll change those closest to you.  They’ll want to find out more about this better life.  Sacrifice your current life to a life that exhibit love to people who might not like you or appreciate you.  I must admit, this isn’t always easy for me.  Yet, it can be done as we “abide in Christ” (John 15)

Second, you should be a blabbermouth.  Yes, you should be like the Samaritan women who met Jesus at the well (John 4:29).  After meeting Jesus, she ran back to her town (your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc.) and told them that she “met a man.”  Are you telling people about Jesus?  If not, why not?  Share the Good News with them.  You don’t have to beat them in the head and force-fed them the bible.  I’m thinking that would be a bit ineffective.  God will provide times and situations for you to share the Gospel with them.  Your job is to be prepared.

We don’t know the day when our dash will be completed.  We do know that the day is coming.  As Christians, we know we will be known by our fruit (in simple terms: Our Christ-likeness) (Matt 7:16).  We need to ensure it’s not rotten fruit.  Let’s live up to the two commandments Jesus told us were the greatest (Matt 22:36-40) and we’ll please God and let the dash take care of itself.

Sola Scriptura

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