Get Cut and Grow!

bible3John 15:1-2 talks about us being fruitful.  We’re told God will take us away If we aren’t fruitful for Him.  But the fruitful Christian will be pruned.  Either way I’m going to get cut. What?  These verses show us that we’re going to be cut one way or another.  One cut is bad while the other cut helps us grow.  We must seek God’s pruning.

question-markAre you growing as a Christian?  I asked myself that very question.  Like you, I need to always ensure I’m doing God’s work and will, not just doing the “good things.”

But, how do we stay right with God? Or put another way, how do we stay on course?  John 15:4 helps to provide us the answer.  If we abide in Him, we’ll stay on course.  If we have more of Him, we’ll have less of the other hims (I know you get this). Our Lord wants this for us.  I missed it before.  Listen (ok, read) to this, “by this, that you bear much fruit, and so prove to be My disciples” (John 15:8).  We our abiding in our Lord brings glory to Him.  We bring him glory as we abide in His will and live righteously!

These Scripture indicate as we bear more fruit, we “prove” to be Jesus’ “disciples.”  I guess I need to reword my earlier question to us. If we are growing then we will bear fruit? Disciples do what their teacher does.  Are we reflecting Jesus in society?  Or do we reflect society? For instance, would Jesus approve of us shacking up with someone?  Would He approve of our cantankerous attitudes?  What about our not tithing?  Ok, you get the point.  But those are the big things people talk about.  What about the small things that we let slide?  Do we stand and live on our Christian values?

I have good news for us if we aren’t.  Today is the day to start.  If you haven’t yet, start back reading your bible.  Also, continue or start back your quite time with God.  Lastly, spend a little more time in prayer.  He’ll lead you in the right direction.

I encourage you not to be past present and not future focused because we’ll do nothing in the present.  We need to let go of our past failures, embrace our present victories as we look toward our future glory in Him.

Be fruitful for the Lord my friend.

In His grip



As I wrote this blog I thought about many of the Facebook postings I read throughout the Christmas season.  Many well-intentioned Christians were posting some not so accurate “Christian” things.  For instance, one person wrote, “Christmas is about good goodwill towards men.” Another wrote, “Christmas is for children.”  They were off the mark quite a bit.  Nice sentiments but that’s not why Jesus left His throne and lived with us.  Ok, I’m not trying to go all bah humbug on you, I’m just making a point.  Their sight should be on the real reason for Christmas.  Jesus came to redeem us.  So Christmas is for everyone, not just children.  Wait, I guess it is for children, God’s children.  As we grow in Christ we’ll appreciate the reason why He came and His coming wasn’t for us to get gifts on His celebrated birthday.


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