What’s Inside of You?

Credit to:http://shop.huminc.org/index.php?cmd=products&prod_id=4
Credit to:http://shop.huminc.org/index.php?cmd=products&prod_id=4

In the 1970’s there was a sitcom called the Flip Wilson show.  Flip Wilson had a very popular skit where a commercialized version of an angel and demon would try to lead him into doing the right or wrong thing in a given situation.

In reality we are constantly battling good and bad. Everyday there are competing forces seeking to get our attention.

Unlike Flip, Christians are to be led by God.  Yet, is this always true?  What’s inside of you?  What guides your principles and core values?  Or, should I say, “Who is inside of you?”

In John 14:20, we learn something very remarkable. The Scripture says Jesus is inside God.  We are inside Jesus and He is inside us!  We should be perfect.  We should get the evil out of us.  It seems counterintuitive that evil resides in us since God and Jesus resides in us.  Yet, our feeble & fragile bodies holds evil.  We can spiritualize our actions but the truth of the matter is “we sin.”  Heck, oftentimes we sin daily. Some times we don’t want to get rid of that evil, but we must.  Some times we do things that are comfortable or feel good.

Credit to www.elephantjournal.com
Credit to http://www.elephantjournal.com

Let’s look at something that isn’t sinister or evil but that isn’t godly.  Over the past few weeks I’ve been talking to two people (a man and woman) about forgiveness and hate.  While their stories are very different, they both are holding onto past pain and regret. One of them stated the desire to “hold onto this feeling.”  It’s understandable  to want to nurture a feeling until we “get it” or “get over it.”  Yet this can be dangerous to our well-being as well as our walk with Christ.  Jesus told us we have to forgive.  Forgiving isn’t always easy to do but we must.  We can’t let comfort keep us from doing what is right. We have to get rid of anything that’s not Christ-like.

Just a few lines later in John 14:23, we see that Jesus reiterates that He and God will abide in His followers.  When He says followers, He’s talking those who are actually living like He taught, not just those who carry bibles and go to church.  James reminds us that “Faith without works is dead ” (James 2:14-26).

So what does all this mean to us?  It has to be disheartening when we fail and sin.  Don’t be dishearten.  Rather, be encouraged.  Why?  Just take a look at John 14:26.  We learn the Holy Spirit needed to come to teach the disciples even though they walked and lived with Jesus!  The disciples still failed and they walked with Jesus so Don’t Give Up.  Keep striving for the excellence that is in Christ.  Let the Holy Spirit teach you.  Remember, the end of the book (the bible) tells us that the evil loses and we win.  We also know that God will never leave us nor forsake us.  The Apostle Paul reminds us that we’re more than conquerors.  You might fail here and there but you will be victorious…victorious in Christ!

Let’s stay in His Grip



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