Does God Love The Winning Team More?

679804_LS Did you know there was a NFL game on yesterday?  It’s kind of a big thing to a lot of sports fans.  Did you notice how both team had people praying that their team was victorious? Even some of the Social Media outlets had posts and videos where people asked God to let their team win.  Hey, why not ask for your heart desire? One survey indicates half of American fans believe there is a supernatural force at work in sports.  Archbishop Samuel Aquila of Denver conducted Mass for the Denver Broncos in New Jersey before the game. Talk about tipping the scales!

One radio announcer spoke the Christian beliefs of Manning (more covert) and Wilson (overt). I can’t judge which athlete’s Christian lifestyle is “better” or helping reaching more people for Christ.  I struggle enough dealing with me.  Yet it is refreshing to hear about a team, a band of brothers, willing to share their faith openly.  This 12 minute video is pretty good.  It should provide encouragement to us in our daily lives.  Contrast their thoughts and action to this 1-minute pastor.  One video shows how laypeople are striving to live out the faith they profess.  The other video shows a clergy who is more concerned about a business event, I mean a football game.

So, did I answer the question, “Does God Love The Winning Team More?”  Of course I didn’t.  It isn’t a matter of God loving one more than the other.  It’s more of what’s in His divine plan.  As you know, I’m a die-hard Detroit and Michigan plan.  However, after looking at this video…I’m glad Seattle won.

waltdisneyworldWell, I would’ve like Peyton to have won also but there can only be one winner.  Unlike the Super Bowl, we all are winners in Christ. I’d like to encourage you to let this week be your “Super Bowl” of weeks.  Lets be used by Christ to bring more people to the Kingdom.  I have to admit that it’s unlikely any of us will be winning a Super Bowl ring.  However, we will receive something more valuable.  We’ll get a crown…given to us by the King of Kings.  We might not be headed to Disney World this week like the Seattle Seahawks but our resting place in heaven is much better.

Stay encouraged winners.


2 thoughts on “Does God Love The Winning Team More?

  1. Yves, I watched the Seahawks video and you could feel the passion in the player’s voices. How wonderful to hear them speak from their hearts. On the other video, is that for real???? I found it very distasteful almost to the point of sacrilegious. Not impressed. No. Not at all.

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