Tell Them About Jesus

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Let’s take a quick lesson from the actions of one of society’s undesirables.  At the time the Samaritans didn’t exactly enjoy a great reputation.  I imagine everyone was surprised to get a life lesson from a Samaritan. It’s great to see that the Lord can use everyone.

John 4:27.  The disciples arrived back at the well.  No words were exchanged between the disciples and the woman.  Yet everyone knew what was going on.  The disciples, like all Jews, knew they shouldn’t talk to a Samaritan, let a lone a Samaritan woman.  Over the years I’ve talked to Christians who firmly believe they can’t talk to unbelievers.  Kind of makes it rather difficult to show them the love of Christ, no?  Typically, unbelievers don’t beat down the doors of the church to find God.

John 4:28-30.  She ran to her village to tell them about the man she met.  She said, “could he possibly be the Messiah?”  She did something no one else had done up to this point.  She helped convert her village.  Her testimony changed many lives!  Is your testimony changing lives?  Are you sharing the love and knowledge of Christ to others?  Or, do you only talk about Christ to fellow believers?  Some Christians believe that they shouldn’t talk about their religion.  I think that is a bait of the devil.  We have a lot of people talking about our Christian beliefs and they aren’t all good comments.  You have been strategically positioned in your family, circle of friends, neighborhood, job, school, etc., to show, teach and talk about the goodness of Christ to those individual.  If not you, then who?

Jesus did not preach to her.  He did not recite Scripture to her.  He simply talked to her.  I pray you talk to people and they see the light of Jesus.  I pray they want to receive God’s living water.  Read the newspaper this week and you’ll undoubtedly see numerous instances where people’s lives would’ve been changed if they knew Who to follow.

John 4:31-33.  Like the Samaritan woman, Jesus was speaking on one thing while the disciples were talking about something else.  He was providing them with an insight we all should “eat” on.  We should, make that, we must “do the will of the Father.”

John 4:34-38.  Jesus is telling us there have been many great men and women of God who have spread the Gospel.  We simply have to look around us and see who need to now enjoy the love of Christ.  Although we might not be the ones who initially tell these people about God, we can be the ones to help “gather the harvest.”

John 4:39-42.  “Many Samaritans from the village believed in Jesus because of the woman.”  What a wonderful testimony!  In the space of a little time the Samaritan woman went from unknown to the “Town Crier…”Come Meet This Man!”  All believers should follow her example.  She didn’t have a Theological degree.  She hadn’t been through “New members” classes or bible studies.  She met Jesus and knew she needed to tell others about Him.  She knew she needed to share this gift.

John 4:41-42. Jesus stayed in Samaria for two days!  In a matter of days, many in the village believed Jesus was the “Savior of the world.”  The religious leaders couldn’t figure that out in 3 ½ years!

Lets help show people to the Kingdom of God.  Let’s make good use of our time.  God might not have us convince people to follow Him in two days.  However, He always want us to spread His word.  Our job is to model and tell everyone about Him.  He’s the one Who will save them.  Bless you and let’s get to work and continue to work for our Lord.  Let me know how it goes for you over the next few weeks.


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