Do No Harm

1474377_10152139465038738_1231415907_nThe re-blogged post below is a great word picture. We are to show love. In showing our love, we MUST not change God’s standard. We remain Christian in all situations. We can only share the Word. We can’t save them or condemn unbelievers or backsliders (a churchy word for Christians who stop acting Christ-like) to heaven or hell.

This picture to your right states what I’ve been trying to get across for some time now.  regrettably, I’ve lost some friends because they side with the lifestyle rather than God.  While these posts are referring to homosexuality, the same thing applies to people who cheat, lie, steal, have pre-marital sex, adultery, etc. Our job is not to pronounce judgement on them.  That’s God’s job.  Our job is to share Christ with everyone and not to compromise.

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2 thoughts on “Do No Harm

  1. Well that was concise and relevant and real and of the word. Thanks.
    I have always found it odd when Christians use the Word to do more harm than good. It isn’t always intentional either. They often think they are doing the right thing, but don’t Think and PRAY long enough before opening their mouths and pages. I takes but a second to Pray and ask God’s guidance. Don’t expect the booming voice (though it can happen), but it is usually a subtle doubt about your words or actions that keeps you from going in the wrong direction.
    “Lord, should I give them the Word or should I show them my Love, Compassion, Understanding and Willingness to stand by them and open a door to share the Word?”
    If you have that little discussion in your heart, you will probably do the right thing.
    I could go on, but won’t.
    It has already been said better than I could ever do – Philippians 4 4-8 is pretty clear about prayer, supplication, petition, thanksgiving, etc.

    1. Keith,

      Well said. I’d like to add a few things. This Warrioress first posted this great blog. I had to smile when I saw it. I had recently been engaged in a conversation along this line several times. When I’m invited to speak and teach I have a 2-fold responsibility; (1) Provide them with the Word and (2) engage them in a manner that they see their reflection in the Word. (Obviously, I’m really simplifying this) When we measure our growth, it must be through the biblical lens. Similarly, this applies to how we do everything. We must maintain a biblical worldview. Some things have become a bit twisted. In reference to this picture, those Christians probably were trying to “save” those unbelievers. The intent might have been good but the impact wasn’t.

      As ministers, we’re trying to help shape those within our congregation with solid Scriptural teaching. Regrettably, some Christians vent the same hate that the people they’re trying to help spew out. That’s rather strange isn’t it? It’s ok for unbelievers to say Christian are intolerant, their beliefs are antiquated, etc., while when Christians speak their mind then it’s hate. Regardless, we will win people to Christ through love and obedience to His word. The rub is this, can I show Christian love, maintain the standards that God wants me to maintain and not look hateful? Hmm.

      Back to my original point. As ministers, we must continue to help effectively teach the Word to our congregants. Lastly, each Christian is spreading the Gospel. Either it’s good or bad. So, we all must continue to seek God’s direction in all matters.

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