Teach Godly Principles to Your Children

Courtesy of http://adventuresinmommydom.org
Courtesy of http://adventuresinmommydom.org

In Judges 2:10-15 we get a great reminder of why we need to teach Godly principles to our children.   You should note that remarkably, a lot of time has transpired from these verses and verses 2-5.  An entire generation died and “another generation grew up who didn’t acknowledge the Lord or remember the mighty things He had done for Israel.”  This is now the third generation of Israelites.  The first generation was disobedient and weren’t able to cross into the Promise Land.  The second generation was able to enter into the Promise Land.  Yet, they were disobedient and God revoked their broken covenant. Well, actually they broke the covenant with God. Now this new generation were unaware of their history. Does this sound like today? Hmmm.

Courtesy of:cyberbrethren.com
Courtesy of:cyberbrethren.com

Moses encouraged and warned them not to forget to teach their children about the Lord and His mighty acts.  We must remember the “them” isn’t these Israelites.  The “them” were their parents.  These people started worshipping false gods.  Consequentially, God allowed them to be defeated by their enemies.  We must teach Godly principles to our children.  They’ll soon be taking the reigns of leadership.  We must equip them to be Godly citizens.  If you pick up a paper or an internet article, you’ll see many decisions are being made that are far from Christ like.  Help mold our children’s worldview to that of a Christian worldview.

Our children might fall to false doctrines and live a life unlike Christ if we don’t teach them.  We should be their examples.  This means we should be modeling Christ-like behavior. We must know more about the Lord if we are to bring Godly change to the world.  Good doesn’t come from evil. Lets show and teach them about the Good Sheppard.  Our children they might start worshipping false gods if we don’t warn and teach. Why not?  Everyone else is doing it?  Some rappers, singers and entertainers even indorse false gods.  Some of them say they follow God but is it god or God? Some of these “stars” have a lot of influence over our children. That’s why you’re so important.  We don’t want them following in the footsteps of some of the singers, rappers and other “stars.”  We want them to follow God!

I pray you teach and model Godly principles to them.  When in doubt, ask your pastor, or Christian friends.  They are our future.  You have been given the great privilege to provide them with the solid foundation of biblical truths.

Bless you


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2 thoughts on “Teach Godly Principles to Your Children

  1. This article is so true. We must teach our children godly principles so when they face “life” they will know Who to turn to and put their trust in. As a child, my mom made sure that we knew the importance of having a relationship with God. She was not ashamed to teach us about God. My brothers and I saw the God inside of her. She is still an example of a Christian today to her adult children and her grand kids and to everyone she comes in contact with.

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