Unknown But Not Insignificant

We+are+InsignificantI imagine most Christians can tell you about the stories of great leaders in Israel’s history like Deborah and Gideon.  After all, they judged (ruled) over Israel and God used them in miraculous and marvelous ways.  What about Tola and Jair?  Who?  Yeah, exactly.  These two men ruled over Israel also.  Yet, Scripture only devotes five lines (Judges 10:1-5) to them.  No, I didn’t say 50.  I said, “five” lines to both of their combined lives.  Unlike many people who have lived throughout history…they are mentioned in the bible.  They were a bit unknown but they were significant!

What’s the takeaway?  What can you get from this?  Simple.  God can and will use some of the unknowns like many of us to do wonderful things.  So be encouraged.  You might not develop a reputation or ministries like Mother Theresa, Billy Graham, D.L. Moody, TD Jakes or a whole host of Christian leaders throughout the word. Yet you can be the best Christian you can be.

I want to encourage all of us to continue to read and study His word.  Please continue to pray to our Lord and meditate on His word. The word is transformational.  It’s impossible for our lives not to be transformed once we become a Christian.  Our “fruit” (Matt 7:17-20) will show we’re not as worldly (a fancy Christian saying for not-being Christ-like) as we were before we became a Christian.  This on-going transformation will yield a change our thoughts, demeanor and lifestyle. There will be a discernible difference in the way we talk and interact with people and this change will be for the better.  As those changes take place, our character and life will positively affect those we live with and come in contact with.  Hopefully, they now want to have what we have. So share Him with them. Be encouraged that our Lord is using us to be a beacon of light just where us are.  Our job maybe just to introduce Christ to them.  Lets be happy that God is using us in whatever capacity He wants.

Let your light shine this week.  Let me correct that last statement.  Let your light continue to shine until you go home to be with the Lord.  You and I might not be well-known but we aren’t insignificant.  We’re not insignificant but we’re “in” “significance.” Why, because we’re “more than conquerors in Christ Jesus. (Rom 8:31-39)”


Sola scriptura


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