Sharing Christ on and After Resurrection Sunday

10246741_656099187759187_4993094512424587484_nAs Christians, we look at Resurrection Sunday as the most pivotal moment in life.  It’s when Jesus took our sins upon His shoulder, as it were, to guarantee our eternal life with God.  We were given the gift of salvation. What a remarkable gift! It marks something no other religion can say.  It marks our Risen Savior.  His thoughts and deeds didn’t stay in the ground as others.
Instead of talking about the typical things that come during this season, I’d like to focus on the “What’s next?”  You may ask, “Why this approach instead of the normal one?”  Good question.  Christians must make this real in the lives of others and ourselves.
You’ll undoubtedly see and hear a lot of white noise from those who feel they can doggedly eviscerate our beliefs.  Ironically, some of those individuals espouse “tolerance.”  Continue reading this article at  This is just a portion of a guest post I wrote for The Write Room Blog.  Check them out and let me know what you think about the article.


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